'Survivor' Season 41: Brad eliminated, fans say 'nobody else is interesting on show'

'Survivor' Season 41: Brad eliminated, fans say 'nobody else is interesting on show'
Brad (Green Tribe) became the fourth contestant to get eliminated from 'Survivor' Season 41 (CBS)

The ongoing season of ‘Survivor’ has been chaotic from its inception and the show keeps on getting more interesting with each passing week. Every tribe is doing their best to win the immunity task so that they don’t sit at the tribal council at the end of the day.

Blue tribe has been the dominant tribe till now and it is the only tribe that has never been to the tribal council. Meanwhile, the Yellow tribe is already 2 members short while Green lost Sara in the premiere episode. Once again, it was the members of the Green tribe who found themselves sitting at the tribal council and waiting for the voting to commence.

While sitting at the tribal council, all eyes were on Brad as he had two advantages this time around. Meanwhile, Shan, Ricard, and JD have already shown how close they are. The voting ended with a shocking decision and it was BRAD who was voted out of the game. Despite having two advantages, he didn’t use them and got eliminated. Shan, Ricard, and JD wrote Brad’s name during the voting while Genie and Brad wrote JD’s name.


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Fans are keeping an eye on the tribal council and see if their pick survived it or not. So, a lot of fans of the show were disappointed that Brad was voted out so early and believed that his positivity was infectious. One of the fans said, “Brad, without a doubt, was the best character to this point in the season. Lovable, entertaining, and just outright hilarious. Gonna miss him and the fresh honesty he brought to the game.” Another user wrote, “Only the 3rd episode in, and I ALREADY no longer have a horse in the race after Brad was sent packing. Literally, nobody else in this game is interesting to me right now.”





“Brad’s positivity is infectious! I’m sorry to see him go! But dammit vote Ricard off!!” wrote another. “Brad leaving pissed me off. Wtf. I wanted to see the immunities unlocked and the three phrases said,” another fan opined. “I enjoyed Brad's quirkiness so I'm disappointed to see him go. Not disappointed to see all his advantages go with him though,” added another one.







Another fan noted, “That is such a bummer! I really liked Brad and think they really feared that if he stuck around too long he’d get too powerful! Played hard and was fun to watch!” Another fan of the show wrote, “Brad was such an amazing Pre Merge character this season, I was kinda hoping he stayed cause’ this man was like Frenchie 2.0 with how crazy he was lol.”





Brad becomes the fourth contestant to get voted out this season after Abraham (Yellow), Sara (Green), and Voce (Yellow).

‘Survivor’ Season 41 returns to CBS with a new episode every Wednesday at 8 pm EST.

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