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'Survivor 41': Tribes get 'beware advantage', fans say makers 'must've smoked joint'

Three members from the tribes get 'beware advantage', but fans are not that thrilled about it
Brad, Sydney and Tiffany in 'Survivor 41' (CBS)
Brad, Sydney and Tiffany in 'Survivor 41' (CBS)

‘Survivor’ has always been all about how do people deal with difficult situations and that’s what these contestants are going through right now. In the first two episodes, we saw the Yellow tribe getting decimated by Blue and Green tribes in every immunity task. Two people from the Yellow tribe have already left the show and it seems if they don’t perform, more will follow.

However, the show gives everyone a chance to play a game as well. At the starting of Episode 3, we see three small messages been put at different places on the island. But this time, the makers thought of doing it differently and they just hid it where the teams were living. For Yellow, it was Tiffany who found it while for the Green tribe it was Brad. On the other hand, Sydney found it for Blue.


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All three of them are given boats to arrive at a private island and they get to know that they’ll need to choose “tarp” or “steal a vote”. If all three choose tarp, all tribes receive a tarp. If all three choose to steal a vote, they all lose voting rights at the tribal council. But if they have a split decision, tarps get nothing while steal a vote get to “steal a vote” at the tribal council.

Fans are divided over this and feel that makers are doing too much with these advantages. One of the fans joked, “This is how these advantages are hidden. The producers just kinda threw them wherever.” Another fan said, “Can they slow down with idols and advantages just a little bit??? Ugh.” Another fan wrote, “#Survivors producers must’ve smoked a huge joint before coming up with the advantage rules for this season.”




On the other hand, fans were happy that Brad found the advantage and can’ wait to find how he uses it. “Brad with two advantages. Better bury the new one in a quarter-inch of sand,” wrote another fan. “Brad having to say the phrase that pays is all I wanted,” said another one.  “I really want Brad to be the chaotic goat of the season,” added another one.




Let’s see how the trio uses the “Beware Advantage”. But, it’s going to be really interesting.