BTS' Suga trends on Twitter as Samsung reveals reimagination of their signature tune by rapper

Suga says it was dream come true to work on Samsung's 'Over the Horizon,' especially because it was an instrumental piece

                            BTS' Suga trends on Twitter as Samsung reveals reimagination of their signature tune by rapper
BTS' Suga joins Samsung to re-imagine their decade long signature song 'Over the Horizon' (Samsung/YouTube)

The K-pop market has expanded significantly over the past few years and so has brand endorsements from around the world. BTS has been endorsing many products and because of ARMY being one of the most powerful fanbases, these products have sold out in no time. BTS and Samsung have collaborated on many projects over the last couple of years with the boys endorsing every new release as they are the official brand ambassadors of Samsung.

One project that stands out among the many is Samsung’s S20 Plus BTS Edition which saw the company making an entire mobile handset dedicated to BTS and ARMYs. The device was in BTS’ official color, purple. It had the logo of BTS and also had BTS’ heart iconography on the back camera, pre-installed BTS centric themes, and a fan-favorite item - photo cards of all the members. The Samsung Galaxy Buds that came along with it also had the same BTS logo and heart icon while the box in which both the devices were packed in had BTS’s logo.


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Over the Horizon and BTS’ Suga

Samsung has grown a lot over the years but their signature song titled, ‘Over the Horizon’ has stayed the same, motivating people to challenge their limits and open them to greater possibilities. Samsung says that despite the company's evolution, this core idea behind their products still remains the same as it was so many years ago.

Suga (Min Yoongi) of BTS who also goes by his pseudonym Agust D is a renowned producer in K-pop. Artists like IU, Halsey, Suran, Epik High, Heize are some of the many names to have collaborated with Suga for their songs. He has also won awards for his skills as a producer at award shows like Mnet Asian Music Awards and Melon Music Awards over the past few years.

Suga talks about what it was like producing 'Over the Horizon' for Samsung. (Samsung/YouTube)

Suga producing 'Over the Horizon'

Following the pandemic, the global community was shut down. As things have slowly started going back to normal, the community is all set to embark on a new journey that requires people to do better together and push themselves to find new ways forward. Samsung says this inspired Suga when he made his own version of ‘Over the Horizon’.

While being asked about this collaboration, Suga said that he was a big fan of the Samsung Galaxy project and working on this project is like a dream come true for him. He said that he always wanted to work on an instrumental song and this made the entire process incredible for him. He said that it was challenging to reimagine something that had been part of Samsung’s decade-long journey which is why he said that he kept the original idea the same only while making limited additions to the original so it could resonate with a broader audience.

BTS' Suga talks about what the song, 'Over the Horizon' means. (Samsung/YouTube)


It is a well-known fact that Suga is a fantastic pianist and him playing the piano adds to the beauty of the song, giving it a concert-like feel with an electric guitar playing in the back. Suga says that his aim was to maintain the song’s original meaning which was to go beyond one’s limits. Suga’s version of ‘Over the Horizon’ ringtone will be delivered along with future updates on Galaxy devices.


Fans trend 'Suga of BTS'

Fans were taken aback by the video in which Samsung introduced Suga as their producer. On reading the words, “Over the Horizon by Suga of BTS” ARMYs were overwhelmed, like always. They have started trending the phrase "Suga of BTS" by tweeting, "CONGRATS ON OTH YOONGI everything you do is beyond amazing. most genius and talented artist ever. there’s absolutely no one like you. we love you min yoongi." and another said, "I think about this alot." to show that Suga has a lot of dreams for his future. Another fan plainly wrote in quotes, ''Produced by Suga of BTS''







One user compared Apple with Samsung saying, "Apple users wake up to a ringtone that sounds like violently loud war sirens from the trenches but Samsung users get to wake up to a full orchestral track produced by SUGA of BTS." while another showed their gratitude saying, "Produce by SUGA of BTS, to the most genius producer, we're so proud of you." and another said, "Damn that’s hot."