BTS' Suga goes blonde again, fans want 'BLONDE YOONGI' to perform 'Daechwita'

'Blonde Yoongi supremacy' and 'blonde Yoongi hits different' was pretty much what every fan had to scream through caps lock and keyboard smashes

                            BTS' Suga goes blonde again, fans want 'BLONDE YOONGI' to perform 'Daechwita'
BTS band members with Suga sporting his newblonde hair, in the center, taking the photo (Instagram: suga_bighitentertainment)

Min Yoon-gi's hairstyles have been just as versatile as his stage names and avatars. From BTS idol Suga to his solo artist moniker Agust D, Yoon-gi has left his fans dazzled, stunned, and wowed no matter which artistic outlet he's releasing. But perhaps the biggest trump card he played with Kpop fans this year was a major throwback to his iconic 2016 blonde locks. With a puffed-up coif and a slightly darker hairline, Suga is very much blonde. His fans, although hoping they get a blonde 'Daechwita', claim 'blonde yoongi' will be 'the end' of them.

This shocking reveal comes in the wake of fans awaiting the rumoured release of BTS's comeback album, expected to arrive on July 9, 'ARMY day'. But almost a month early, Suga is setting fans' hearts racing with his new hair. Through the years, Suga has given his fans a stellar lineup when it comes to hair styles — particularly hair colors. Known for flaunting vibrant pastels like red, pink, green, blue, shocking platinum blonde, chocolate auburn and jet black — Suga claimed in a recent interview when asked about his next hair color that he was going to keep it black for a while.


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In his seven-year-long career with the Korean pop band of massive global fame — BTS, Suga has become notorious for how often he changes his hair color. His stage name Suga was coined for his porcelain pale skin, allegedly. The solo-moniker Agust-D — his artist name as an underground music member— is a reference to Daegu Town. After debuting in 2013, the 28-year-old star shot to fame for not just his vocal skills, but for always keeping his fans on their toes when it came to what color he'd die his hair next. It was in 2016 that Suga had first dropped a hot pop of blonde for his fans — something that had hit fans like a nostalgic iceberg, leaving them shattered.

The idea of Suga performing his solo track 'Daechwita' sporting the same blonde hair has become a burning sensation on Twitter. But he's not the only one showcasing their blonde glory. A newly-shared group-selfie posted on his Instagram account shows Suga in the center and all the other six members huddled around him, with band-member Kim Seok-Jin with a similar blonde, and a dash of undercut and mullet. As one can imagine, this has become clearly too much for fans, with one tweeting: "BLONDE YOONGI NAMJOON UNDERCUT BLONDE JIN HOLY MOTHER OF GOD."


It was caps lock and keyboard smashes galore as Twitter buzzed with the blonde revelations of BTS. "BLONDE YOONGI IS GONNA BE END OF ME," declared a fan, while another basked in the nostalgic glory of "MY 2016 CRUSH AGUST D BLONDE YOONGI IS BACK I AM NOT GOING TO SURVIVE THIS IM NOT WELL FRIENDS." 

One harped about the idea: "WE'RE REALLY GETTING BLONDE YOONGI WITH UNDERCUT AND MULLET PERFORMING DAECHWITA." Others sent words of alarm into the air, tweeting in all caps:  "YOONGI IS BLONDE I REPEAT YOONGI IS BLONDE THIS IS NOT A DRILL WE MIGHT BE GETTING BLONDE YOONGI PERFORMING DAECHWITA BYE." Reactions were a mixed derivative but the idea was the same and crystal clear. As these fans put it, it's time for "Just Blonde Yoongi supremacy". Why? simply because "blonde yoongi hits different."