Why is BTS' Suga #1 trending on Twitter? Singer's fans cheer him on saying 'everybody's missing him'

Like most fandoms, not all Army includes trolls but a multitude of BTS followers that just want to adore their favorite group

                            Why is BTS' Suga #1 trending on Twitter? Singer's fans cheer him on saying 'everybody's missing him'
SUGA of the K-pop boy band BTS (Getty Images)

A phenomenon that seems to be a regular occurrence these days is a celebrity trending on Twitter. But can we deem it a mystery when it is evident that the sudden boost of popularity for a specific artist on the social media platform is just pure love and not some important announcement, tragic news or beef?

That appears to be the exact case for BTS singer Suga (Min Yoon-gi) who currently has the No 1 spot for setting a Twitter trend on January 7. Even the BTS Army themselves aren't clear on the reason but have added to the trending numbers by showing their affection for the rapper, singer-songwriter, record producer, and beloved BTS member with some humor on the side.

Scroll through some of the memes and you may be inclined to feel the same if you're not a hardcore fan. "Yoongi watching #SUGA trending and seeing [email protected] us posting about our love for him," wrote a fan with a clip of a chuffed Suga. In another clip, a fan shared, "Yoongi being shy whenever the camera focuses on him #SUGA."




One fan said, "Don’t know why #SUGA is trending but let’s have a conversation about his main dancer tendencies" while another wrote, "The fact that #SUGA is trending #1 worldwide but no one knows why... everyone is really missing him huh." One fan shared, "Min yoongi, the cutest living man on earth #SUGA." Another fan described him: "He’s the coolest person ever #SUGA."

"The hottest thing i've ever is #SUGA rapping 117 syllables in 14.033 seconds," added another fan,clearly in awe of the singer's talent. 


















Although Suga's trending numbers are most likely owed to tweets such as the above, it's possible that it stemmed from a recent interview with Weverse Magazine in which Suga opened up about recovering from shoulder surgery, penning the track 'Telepathy' and more. In the interview, the rapper spoke about the process behind writing 'Telepathy' (from BTS's latest album 'BE') which he revealed came together in just 30 minutes. (BTS members RM and Jungkook are also credited on the track, along with producers Hiss Noise and El Capitxn.)

"I tried a melody for the first time this year (2020), and as I started knowing the fun of music, it opened a lot of new doors for me. So it was kind of easy working on it. I just played a beat and wrote from the beginning until the end. Done," Suga explained. "I wrote it in just 30 minutes. The song almost wrote itself. The trends of pop and hip-hop these days cross boundaries between vocals and rap. I like this trend."

The community-run Twitter account Genius Korea then shared the following news today: "After a new interview by #SUGA for Weverse magazine, the English translation page for BTS’ track, '잠시 (Telepathy)' sees a major boost in page views and jumps to #10 on Hottest English translation pages on Genius."


Whatever the case may be for Suga's trending numbers, it goes without saying that his fans and the BTS Army, in general, are proudly sticking to their loyalty and it is refreshing to see that it's just for love.

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