'Succession' Season 3 Episode 1: Fans just want 'Gerri and Roman kiss' this time

With Gerri now appointed as the interim CEO, the question would be whether these two will still have the same flirty, sexual tension

                            'Succession' Season 3 Episode 1: Fans just want 'Gerri and Roman kiss' this time
Roman and Gerri in 'Succession' Season 3 (HBO)

Roman Roy (Kieran Culkin) and Gerri Kellman (J Smith-Cameron) have been the sort of couple who have a burgeoning romance of sorts, and 'Succession' Season 3 came inches close to seeing them share quite the moment in Episode 1. With Gerri now appointed as the interim CEO after Logan Roy steps back, the question would be whether these two will still have the same flirty, sexual tension. Or perhaps even more. 

The episode clearly sees Roman make a case for himself with his father and also see if Gerri could be considered to be one of the potential successors to the throne after Kendall (Jeremy Strong) detonates a bomb in the form of a press conference outlining his father's crimes. 


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Fans on social media wanted the relationship between Gerri and Roman to be explored further. "f***** hell jesse armstrong just give us a roman and gerri kiss then we will all be satisfied and we will leave you alone," read one of the tweets. "I'm sorry but shiv and Tom is going to end I’m just rooting for gerri and roman!" read another. "gerri hesitating after roman said “nobody would know” and then the stupid phone ringing," remarked a fan.

Some just wanted the romance angle to be explored in the second episode. "Fingers crossed we pick up next week with Gerri and Roman asleep in the bed. I don’t even care if all they did was sleep!" a comment read. "okay i think gerri and roman will get married but with logan’s blessing bc it will be a way of keeping the company in the family. but also romans gonna act like a religious virgin waiting to f*** until his wedding day," one of the fans wrote. "The Succession writers are going to draw out the sexual tension between Gerri and Roman all season just to f*** with us aren’t they," asked one of the fans. 








In an interview with Entertainment Weekly,  Smith-Cameron shed light on their relationship in season 3. "Why not? What's to stop them?" she said. "I think it's on a certain trajectory. It seems to be the two characters have different ambitions for their liaison. I think Gerri would like to see it become a dynamic business partnership. I know what Roman says but I don't know what he really thinks is going to happen."

But then in addition they've gotten kind of attached to each other. Like, there's something between friendship and something almost romantic. They've gotten under each other's skin, they've gotten kind of attached but overall they have these different ambitions. Gerri becomes increasingly frustrated with his playfulness because she doesn't want him to blow it."

'Succession' Season 3 airs Sundays at 9 pm ET on HBO. 

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