'Succession' Season 3: Here are all times Kendall, Roman and Shiv plotted against their father only to fail

'Succession', the HBO show which won major credit at the Emmys, is expected to return with a season 3 soon. So, here's a look at all the times the Roy children Kendall, Shiv, and Roman went against their father and failed

                            'Succession' Season 3: Here are all times Kendall, Roman and Shiv plotted against their father only to fail
Shiv, Kendall, and Roman Roy (HBO)

'Succession' is a fight for the throne, a throne that the three children of Logan Roy are lusting after. Kendall Roy, Roman Roy, and Shiv Roy are all hoping to become the heir to their father's position so from the very beginning until now, there has been a lot of plotting, backstabbing, and politicking within the siblings and their father. Initially, Kendall was expected to take over his father's position but then, Ken was not happy being his father's puppet and so he wanted a bigger bite of the pie. That was the first time that a child of his own plotted against Logan. Similarly, Shiv and Roman have also plotted against their father at different points with each other's help and without as well. The only son who had stayed away from all of this drama is the eldest Roy son, Connor Roy. 

When Kendall planned a coup: Season 1

Kendall Roy, in the first season, had initially believed that he would be the heir following his father's retirement. However, at the 80th party where his family had expected Logan to announce his retirement, he instead said that he will not be stepping down. He also said that in case of his death, the person who would inherit his fortune is not his children, but his third wife Marcia. This brings the Roys together over the first five episodes as they begin to notice Logan act in a strange manner. There is so much that Logan's children do not understand, and that is also the reason why he remains unbeaten. This complicated family bands together when outside forces attempt to attacK, but the dynamics within is complex and messy. That is why, when it is about removing Logan from the position of CEO of Waystar RoyCo, Kendall, Roman, Frank and Gerri band together. However, when it comes to Kendall's coup against his father by selling out to Stewy Hosseini, things do not go well.

Initially, Stewy only suggests that Kendall sell his shares of Waystar RoyCo to his friend for half-billion dollars. However, it is Kendall who suggests a hostile takeover and it would have worked too. If only Kendall hadn't warned his father off about his takeover bid in an attempt to show off the power he holds over his father's company. Or if only Kendall hadn't gone away with a driver that Logan had fired to find cocaine, and then met with an accident that resulted in the said driver's death. In the end, Kendall had to kneel in front of his father in tears when he realized that he was still under his father's thumb as the scandal was being pushed under the rug. 

A still of Logan Roy in 'Succession'. (HBO)

This is also when Kendall's family turns against him because the idea is to work against each other but not attack with outsiders. At the end of season 1, while we saw Kendall break down in front of his father, one thing that became clear was that Logan was not an easy opponent to win over, even if the ones planning and plotting were his children. 

When Shiv went against Logan's decision: Season 2

In season 2, with Kendall completely giving in to his father's wishes and needs, Shiv and Roman believe that they now have a chance to win their father over and take over Waystar RoyCo. Initially, both Roman and Shiv are left to wonder if they have a chance at all, and until about halfway through Shiv continues to tell herself that she is not even in the running considering how well she knows her father. However, Logan promises Shiv in the privacy of his office that the position of a CEO is hers, she is shocked but also suspicious considering this is unlike her father. When he moves to make Roman the COO of Waystar along with Kendall, this shocks the entire family and that includes Connor, who is not very involved in the politicking of fighting for the high chair. 

A still of Logan and Rhea Jarell in 'Succession' season 2. (HBO)

However, the catch is that it would take her three years to become a part of the company and settle into her role as the CEO. However, in the meantime, she must quit her job at Eavis' campaign office. This is something that Shiv must consider hard because she has just been appointed as Eavis' Chief of Staff. Yet, despite her suspicions, she ends up quitting the campaign and realizes much later that she has been fooled by her father because instead of introducing her as the heir of his company, Logan goes for an unexpected option. It is none other than Rhea Jarrell, CEO of PGM, a company that Waystar is attempting to acquire. This is a difficult acquisition because PGM is not a right-wing media firm and is exactly the opposite of ATN, Waystar's media wing. To even be able to sit on the table and make an offer to the Pierce family that owns PGM, Logan is asked to toss away their host who has been called out for being a Nazi sympathizer. 

While the PGM-Waystar acquisition falls through, Rhea becomes close to Logan and he ends up naming her the CEO of the company. Shiv, who worked hard and was promised the position of CEO is definitely unhappy. While she has Roman and Kendall's support in hazing Rhea initially she also realizes that they are not really against the idea of Rhea taking over as CEO. At this opportune moment, Shiv hears from Gerri that a whistleblower who doesn't want a pay out has decided to come clean about the murder and sexual assault incident that occurred on Waystar's cruises that were buried. Of course, the one person who has proof of all this is Greg who against Tom's wishes had kept a copy and not destroyed evidence. He had hoped to use it as a bargaining chip for a better position, but unexpectedly, all of this ends up blowing in Logan's face. He got Shiv's approval to name Rhea as the CEO at his 50th-anniversary celebration in Scotland, without realizing that sh**'s about to hit the fan with news of Waystar burying sexual assault surfacing.

Rhea is also unaware of what awaits her as the CEO of Waystar. The whistleblower names Lester as the prime accused and also names Kendall, Gerri, and Logan of having prior knowledge and yet burying it all. Shiv, who had succeeded in bringing a wedge between Rhea and Logan, realizes that things may have just turned out bad for Waystar and not just her father so she decides to draw her claws back in and help Waystar clean up the mess. 

3. When Kendall went public, blamed Logan for the cruise scandal

A still of Kendall Roy in 'Succession' season 2 (HBO)

At a hearing before the Senate, Logan ends up blaming Kendall for not bringing the scandal to his attention and the family also decides to make Kendall the scapegoat. It is for this reason that Kendall is accompanied by Greg to go to a press conference. However, contrary to what was expected of him, Kendall decides to blame everything on his father. You would expect this to be a shocking blow to Logan considering how Kendall had had proof that Greg had kept safe. However what we see instead is an enigmatic smile that hints at Logan being confident of rising from the ashes, stronger than ever. However, what will Kendall's fate be now that he has gone against his father publicly? He had managed to stay in control even when a company that he had considered his baby was gutted by his father and brother, but somehow, all of that vanished the moment Logan decided to sacrifice him.

'Succession' was renewed for season 3, however, the show's release date is yet to be confirmed. 

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