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‘Study with BTS’ or studying BTS? Student ARMY focus on members’ visuals, not books

BTS released a video where the members are seen studying to help student ARMYs as they prepare for their entrance exams
Members of BTS appear to be studying in a new video to boost the morale of student ARMY (Bangtan TV/YouTube)
Members of BTS appear to be studying in a new video to boost the morale of student ARMY (Bangtan TV/YouTube)

The College Scholastic Ability Test or CSAT is a standardized test that is recognized by South Korean universities. As there were only 77 days until this year's University Scholastic Ability Test, BTS released a video called 'Study with BTS' on September 2, to cheer up student ARMYs. This video was a 21-minute long video of each member of BTS in blue as they sat in front of the camera while they studied.

The video for ‘Study with BTS’ was posted to their official YouTube channel. Bangtan TV. This is sort of content, often titled 'Study with me,' tries to stimulate students who do not find studying alone entertaining, while creating an online space to motivate them to study with their favorite person or people.


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'Study with BTS' concept

This video was conducted almost without dialogue or comments in accordance with the concept of studying together. As all members engaged in a simultaneous study session, BTS’ V (Taehyung) caught the eye of fans who noticed his beautiful appearance in the video. Many student could barely pay any attention to what he was studying. This led to comments being posted online that suggested fans were finding it difficult to concentrate on their studies because of the members' visuals.

All members were seen wearing casual outfits but V stood out as he wore a navy jumpsuit and a white T-shirt. In the video, V made kept jotting down notes for about 3 minutes, creating a thrilling atmosphere that made fans wonder if they were peeking at a handsome guy at the library.


All members tried helping student ARMY

Jimin was first seen as he wore a jean jacket and a scarf around his neck. He clearly wanted to smile and fans noticed him peeking at the camera. From time to time, his smile made them wonder what book he was reading. Next came Jin who wore a blue jacket and a white shirt with a baseball cap which he wore backward. His look made fans wonder if he was even aging as he looked like a young college student. J Hope wore a white sleeveless t-shirt and a blue bucket cap as he was jotting his notes down. Fans were amazed by his platinum blonde hair and ethereal visuals.

Suga came next, wearing a white t-shirt, blue overalls, and a red bandana as he was smoothly typed up his notes. Fans were in awe of his calm demeanor. After him came RM, who wore a blue jacket, white shirt, and a blue baseball cap. He was also seen taking down notes as fans enjoyed his look of concentration. Jungkook was next as he typed down his notes while he wore a blue jean jacket. Fans noticed his hair that looked as youthful as ever. The look of confusion on his face for a while was called cute by many ARMYs making V the last member to appear in the video whose visuals blew fans away.

Watch the entire video of BTS trying to help fans study here,


‘We are failing’

ARMY joked on Twitter saying with BTS on the screen, it was impossible for them to concentrate on anything but the boys. One fan said, “At this point, i think bighit came up with study with BTS only to make us fail our exams.” One more fan said, “Study with bts” admire bts while i fail my classes. Another fan said, “study with bts” …. boy u want me to fail?”

Another fan pointed, “Study with BTS? More like I’ll fail the exam hahaha.” One ARMY said, “This was an epic fail - LOL! I'm sure no one could study their lesson with this on. Instead, they were all 'studying BTS' - remove the 'with'. Jin looks soooo adorable with the reverse ballcap. He is such a hottie!” One fan said, “These 7 men really think that we are going to study while having them in front of us. I'd fail all of my classes with I don't throw away my phone lmao.”