Mnet's 'Street Woman Fighter' Episode 1 highlights and where to watch Episode 2

Episode 1 saw mini dance battles and drama between Rihey and HoneyJ with a preview of Episode 2 and where to watch

                            Mnet's 'Street Woman Fighter' Episode 1 highlights and where to watch Episode 2
'Street Woman Fighter' aired its first episode on August 24 (Mnet K-POP/YouTube, Mnet/Naver)

Mnet’s first all female dance crew competition began with much pomp on August 24. In the premiere of 'Street Woman Fighter', we saw the eight participating crews introduce themselves and have mini dance battles titled ‘No Respect’. The girls were ranked by their peers while judges BoA, her labelmate NCT’s Taeyong and Hwang Sang-hoon commended their introductory performances. 

The show’s host Kang Daniel is no stranger to survival shows as he himself came first on ‘Produce 101’s season 2. He kept up the energy as he hyped up the girls and seemed to enjoy the dance battles. A majority of knetizens also agreed that ‘Street Woman Fighter’ was one of the most fun shows at the moment by Mnet. We also had BoA, who has been on several survival shows, say that ‘Street Woman Fighter’ was the most fearsome one to exist yet. And from the very first episode, it seems it’s true.

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Episode 1 highlights

Before the airing of episode 1, Mnet dropped an exclusive premiere last week as the participants first appeared on the show. They showed recordings of what the crews thought of each other in the confessionals and how they ranked each other. That broke the ice as we saw HOOK’s Aiki hilariously apologize to PROWDMON’s Monika for saying that they have ‘no young energy’. One viewer even commented, “Monika & Lip J for Prowdmon and Aiki for Hook are the women in swf I'll place my bet with.”


The dance battle between LACHICA’s Peanut and PROWDMON’s Lip J was a treat to the eyes as the talented girls used comedy and energetic moves to Dream Girl’s disco-pop track ‘One Night Only’. Viewers found Daniel genuinely enjoying the endearing battle. Meanwhile the judges loved the girls incorporating storytelling and popping moves together. At the end, the participants, as well as the judges threw their shoes on the stage in lieu of roses to congratulate Peanut and Lip J for an entertaining dance battle.



Fans of IZ*ONE were cheering former member Chaeyeon ever since it was announced that she would be joining the show as part of the WANT crew. They supported her when Mnet released clips of her crying as other dancers snubbed her for being an idol. Her dance battle with YGX’s leader Leejung Lee was one of the most intense ones of the night as she danced to David Guetta’s ‘Say My Name’. However, it was a close call with Leejung winning twice.



The episode ended with the girls eagerly waiting for CocoNButter’s Rihey to pick Holy Bang’s HoneyJ for her dance battle as they have history. They had been in the same dance crew PURPLOW and had danced with Jay Park in performances like ‘Mommae’. They separated after seven years when the crew did not hang out with HoneyJ. Rihey explained that she didn’t like a moody and jealous person and didn’t mesh well with her. The other participants went wild as they confessed that this is the dance battle that they’ve been waiting for.

They stated that HoneyJ was like a leader in girls’ hip-hop and should have been a judge in the show. Even Taeyong was excited to see the dance battle as he said he couldn’t judge this particular performance while BoA was curious. Producer Hwang Sang-hoon, who is the third judge, claimed that the drama the audience wanted for so long was finally here.



Episode 2 preview

In the very first trailer that was released, we saw glimpses of PSY, CL and Jessi, and many believe we will see them in episode 2. As for the official preview for episode 2, it starts off with the next dance battle between CocoNButter leader Rihey and HoneyJ, the leader of Holy Bang. It then cuts to HoneyJ crying while the rest of her crew looks crestfallen. After four dance battles, four of the girls select Lee Chaeyeon as the weakest dancer, and who bursts out crying. Daniel then gives the next mission, ‘The Rank Mission’, to the crew.

Many wonder if it is a dance battle between the crew leaders or if all of the crews get together to perform. The girls then discuss tactics on how to get their crew at the center stage. Then we see a mini selection contest for the main dancer of ‘The Rank Mission’ as two girls from each crew are paired up. CocoNButter’s ZSUN doesn’t look happy that she is paired up with YGX’s Yell. A frustrated HOOK’s Aiki ends up swearing as she is questioned by BoA. We also see a montage of the girls’ main missions as they perform at different locations like a deserted quarry or in the rain. It has also been revealed that Weki Meki’s Yoojung and Girl’ Generation’s Sooyoung are also set to appear on the show.


Where and how to watch Episode 2

Mnet has several iconic survival shows like ‘Produce 101’ and ‘Show Me The Money’. Thanks to their success, they continue to produce them like the ongoing ‘Girls Planet 999’ and ‘Street Woman Fighter’. But while ‘Girls Planet 999’ is live streamed with English subtitles on Mnet’s YouTube channel every Friday, with ‘Street Woman Fighter’ viewers don’t have it so easy. Only those who have access to South Korean channels like Mnet and tvN Asia and certain apps can watch.

Episode 2 will air on Tuesday, August 31 at 10:20 pm KST (9:20 am ET) on Mnet’s channel. And it will air two weeks later on tvN Asia on September 10 at 10:30 am ET. It will be available on Mnet Smart app from August 29 onwards at 11 pm KST (10 am ET). It will also be available on the Viu and TVING apps. For Viu, it will only be available in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

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