Mnet's 'Street Woman Fighter': Date and how to watch show hosted by Kang Daniel

Mnet's 'Street Woman Fighter': Date and how to watch show hosted by Kang Daniel
Kang Daniel joins as host for Mnet's 'Street Woman Fighter' (Naver/ Instagram)

Survival shows in the K-pop industry are as integral as variety shows or other reality shows. They’re a way to showcase the bright talent of artists as it gives them that platform to do so. A lot of South Korean agencies and channels have been responsible for several survival shows that have led to the creation of huge groups. From I.O.I to Wanna One and ENHYPEN, there have been many. Additionally, survival shows also help already debuted professionals to further show their talent to the world. This will be the angle for Mnet’s newest show which will be hosted by Kang Daniel.

Like 'Kingdom' and 'Hit The Stage', Mnet has been working on new survival shows. They quite recently announced that they will be launching ‘Street Woman Fighter’. Similar to the rap programs like 'Show Me The Money', ‘Street Woman Fighter’ is a female dance show as it will be focusing on underrated female dancers or those who feel like they have something more to prove to the industry. 

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Kang Daniel (Mnet's Naver post)


Release date

'Street Woman Fighter' will air weekly from August 24 at 10:20 pm KST (9:20 am ET). 

How to watch

The survival program will be available on Mnet's official channel while the performances and certain clips will be uploaded to Mnet's official YouTube channel

Concept of 'Street Woman Fighter'

Along with the host, the producer of the show has also been announced. PD Choi Jeong-nam, who has helmed ‘Hit The Stage’ and ‘Dancing 9’ will be directing ‘Street Woman Fighter’. It also happens to be Mnet’s first survival show for female dance crews. The show will be a dance competition between eight representative female dance crews in the country. With different forms of street dance like hip-hop and crumping to be shown, the performances are bound to be exciting. 



Mnet has already hosted several hit survival programs with all-female participants like 2020’s 'Good Girl' which saw the likes of Ailee and Cheetah participating. However, 'Street Woman Fighter' will be focusing on female dance crews from all over South Korea as Mnet has already reached out to many that are willing to participate. Pre-production is already underway as survival show darling, K-pop idol Kang Daniel has joined the program as a host. 


Having participated in 'Produce 101’s' Season 2 which led to the creation of the boy group, Wanna One. Its first-place winner, Kang Daniel is the perfect host as he knows the ins and outs of the survival program structure and will also be able to help the participants. He not only taught b-boying in high school to his juniors, but he is also known to have taken part in dance battles since he was also a street dancer. 


Check out the lineup of judges and participants here.

Fans react

Fans were excited to see Kang Daniel as the MC as one tweeted, “Yes KING!!!” Another fan tweeted, “Well now that just solidifies my need to watch it.” While many wondered who would be participating as trainees, mentors or judges as they listed their favorite idols, one user clarified, “People in the comments it's not for kpop idols.”







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 Mnet Street Woman Fighter Date line up and how to watch stream as Kang Daniel joins as host