Stray Kids’ Hyunjin shuts down dating rumors with aespa's Karina in an artistic way

Netizens start rumors that Hyunjin might be dating aespa's Karina thanks to a blurry, washed-out screenshot of his phone wallpaper

                            Stray Kids’ Hyunjin shuts down dating rumors with aespa's Karina in an artistic way
Hyunjin shuts down dating rumors (@Stray_Kids/Twitter)

One knows they’re famous when they have haters and trolls along with their numerous fans. And it’s no doubt that these trolls will try and do anything to bring down the artists. But Stray Kids’ Hyunjin used the classiest way and also simultaneously showed off his art skills to shut down all rumors before they could turn into a scandal. A day ago, on September 6, netizens tried to link Hyunjin and aespa’s Karina and start a dating rumor.

And while in other industries and other countries, dating rumors are not really harmful, the K-pop industry does not react kindly to rumors of idols dating. Since it is considered to be the “next big scandal”, even if fans project their fantasies onto two idols, trolls and Korean news agencies usually take it one step further by creating "evidence". The same happened to Hyunjin as netizens claimed that his phone wallpaper was of aespa’s Karina.

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Rumors of Stray Kids' Hyunjin and aespa's Karina dating

The netizen who started the rumor took a screenshot of a Stray Kids’ video where we can see Hyunjin’s phone for a second and went to great lengths to create a morphing video to show that it was aespa’s Karina in a beanie. Fans immediately came to his rescue by stating for all we know, the blurry photo could be of his pet dog. But some netizens went the extra mile by finding connections where there were none. They pointed out that both had a blue heart emoji next to their name on Bubble and had recommended the same song.


Hyunjin drops a screenshot of his wallpaper

The rumors must have reached Hyunjin because he then came online on September 7 on Bubble and posted a screenshot of the wallpaper that had caused so much commotion. Turns out that it was a sketch that he had done of a couple from a drama. While many were impressed with the way he shut down the dating rumors, fans couldn’t get over his impeccable drawing which he made in a few minutes.


'4th gen artist indeed'

Stays took to Twitter to trend Hyunjin as they flexed their idol’s drawing skills and the way he handled the rumor. One fan tweeted, “Hyunjin really had to send a picture of his lockscreen because people wanted to try to start something from it. when will y’all finally leave him alone.” Another Stay loved the way he shut down the rumors, “HYUNJIN SAID NEVER AGAIN B*TCH.” They also couldn’t get over his talent as an artist, “From watercolor to acrylic to color pencils and shading, he can do it all. his diversity in his artworks truly shows how passionate he is. hwang hyunjin 4th gen artist indeed.”

One Stay noticed how Hyunjin personally handled the matter unlike other instances involving other celebrities who are afraid of the backlash, “HWANG HYUNJIN'S WALLPAPER EVERYONE LMAO these kids are getting brave shutting antis these days go kings.” Another was delighted that whoever used the wallpaper would have to give artist credits to Hyunjin, “I remade the wallpaper in case anyone else wants to match with him ofc all credits to THE hwang hyunjin.”






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