'Stranger Things': Priah Ferguson's Erica Sinclair might just be most underrated character on the show

'Stranger Things': Priah Ferguson's Erica Sinclair might just be most underrated character on the show
Priah Ferguson in 'Stranger Things' (IMDb)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: In the world of 'Stranger Things', there are many powerful female characters. Joyce (Winona Ryder), Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), and Nancy debuted in Season 1. (Natalia Dyer). Max (Sadie Sink) and Erica (Priah Ferguson) joined them in Season 2, and Robin (Maya Hawke) and Suzie (Gabriella Pizzolo) were recruited in Season 3.

Despite the fact that the series has given each character a chance to shine, Erica Sinclair is undoubtedly the most underappreciated. She was first introduced in Season 2 as Lucas' obnoxious little sister, but she has since grown to play a significant role in the lives of those around her as well as the outcome in Hawkins. Despite this, she is frequently disregarded.


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Erica's character takes a great jump in Season 4

In "Trick or Treat, Freak," the second episode of Season 2, the viewer first encounter Erica on Halloween in 1984. Everyone is going through a fairly dark and miserable time right then. Eleven is going stir-crazy, Will (Noah Schnapp) is having visions, Billy (Dacre Montgomery) is being his most cruel brotherly self, Nancy and Steve (Joe Keery) are bickering, and there are rotting pumpkins all over the place. Nine-year-old Erica makes an appearance during a hilarious montage of the lads. Her piercing burn, "God. You are such a nerd. No wonder you only hang out with boys," is conveyed nicely and is spot on, as anyone who has ever had a sibling would know.


With what started as a bratty behavior in Seasons 2 and 3, Erica's character grew a lot in Season 4. She can dominate two 18-year-olds and can stand up to them thanks to her powerful presence. She lectures Dustin and Robin on capitalism and the free market, demonstrating her impressive knowledge for someone her age. In addition to all of that, she is a skilled negotiator (using child endangerment as a tactic) and she is aware of her own value, which is difficult for anyone, regardless of age. Erica's duality makes her brilliant. Her extensive knowledge coexists with her more naive beliefs, such as expecting to be rewarded in ice cream for the rest of her life in exchange for her services. Or perhaps her mother finding out what she has been up to makes her more terrified than Russian agents.

Erica is more than just brains and attitude

As Jason tries to talk about the Hellfire Club in Season 4, Episode 6, Erica confronts him and says, "That's bullshit! The Hellfire isn't a cult. It's a club for nerds. Just the facts." Nobody else dared to speak. Erica frequently receives criticism from someone when she says something that is true but not particularly tasteful. She will then respond with her signature line, "Just the facts." This is one of Erica's best qualities since she is constantly fearless and will defend the truth by standing up to anyone.


She never allows anyone to silence her, not even an angry mob or grownups. Erica finally learns about the events of this season in Episode 7, and her input immediately changes the course of events. Dustin learns from Erica's inquiries that Vecna is murdering individuals to unlock the gates. She is the one who first recognizes the SOS signal coming from the lights originating from the Upside Down. She is a woman of action and helps with more than just problem-solving. In Episode 9, she kicks a meathead in the genitalia before braining him with a torch so she may run into danger and try to help. She also rips the cop car's tyres to help Lucas and Max escape.

Nobody knows what the future of 'Stranger Things' looks like, but one thing is certain - the group needs Erica to survive the horrors that await the children of the show. Fairly enough, its about time we start appreciating her.

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 'Stranger Things': Priah Ferguson's Erica Sinclair might just be most underrated character on the show