'Wasn't a kiss and tell': Stormy Daniels blasts critics slamming her for making affair with Trump public

'Wasn't a kiss and tell': Stormy Daniels blasts critics slamming her for making affair with Trump public
Stormy Daniels told Piers Morgan her affair with Donald Trump wasn’t a 'kiss and tell' (Twitter/@PiersUncensored; Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

MANHATTAN, NEW YORK: Stormy Daniels slams back at critics accusing her of being fame-hungry for going public with her alleged affair with Donald Trump, saying she's had sex with “way hotter” celebrities. The adult star also clapped back at the theory that it's a political plot to bring down Trump, stating that she’s a registered Republican who has never voted Democrat.

In a bombshell tell-all television interview with Post columnist Piers Morgan on his TalkTV show 'Piers Morgan Uncensored', Daniels alleges “It wasn’t a kiss and tell,” and that she only accepted a $130,000 hush-money payout from the former president because she was embarrassed about their dalliance. “As a matter of fact, I took the money because I didn’t want anybody to know,” she stated firmly in a 90-minute special that aired Thursday, April 6. “And if I was just trying to get attention… I’ve had sex with some way hotter people that are famous. I would have told one of those stories!” she quipped.


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'Stormy Daniels and Piers Morgan's spicy interview'

Furthermore, Morgan reminded her of an older quip Daniels made about having seen Trump naked and how “there’s no way he could be scarier with his clothes on.” “Valid. And true. I stand by it,” she claimed. However, Trump who was married at the time to former first lady Melania Trump has always denied the allegations of sleeping with Daniels in 2006 and said that he has no knowledge of the $130,000  payment made by his "fixer" Michael Cohen in 2016 to cover their alleged affair, a move Morgan suggested was “an inconsistency, at best.”



“It seems pretty obvious,” Daniels said of the payout while stressing the fact it came a decade after her alleged 2006 fling after vehemently denying the allegations. She added, that as for accusations she’s behind a leftist political hit job to bring down Trump, Daniels said she has always been a registered Republican who has never voted Democrat and “Still am.” “You just made a whole bunch of people watching this pee their pants because this just blows their whole thing up,” she said of the theories that it is a political plot.

'Screwing people honestly!'

The 44-year-old also maintained that she has “no political aspirations,” saying she “didn’t even know about” a “Draft Stormy” campaign in 2009 aimed at a potential run for the Senate. The adult star still appreciated Morgan’s praise for what he called a “brilliant slogan” for that campaign, “Screwing people honestly.” However, Daniels also stoically quipped that she doesn't need to screw anyone to derail Trump's 2024 presidential run claiming, “He doesn’t need my help for that. He’s going to do that on his own.” 

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  Stormy Daniels blasts critics slamming her affair with Trump