'Shadowhunters' episode 17 reveals a joyous celebration for Malec, but danger for Clary and Jonathan

 'Shadowhunters' episode 17 reveals a joyous celebration for Malec, but danger for Clary and Jonathan

Spoilers for 'Shadowhunters' season 3, episodes 16 and 17.

Clary Fray's evil twin Jonathan Morgenstern might be locked up in the Shadowhunters Institute's brig, but that doesn't mean the risk and threat looming on our favorite demon slayers has decreased even one bit. At the end of episode 16 'Stay with Me,' we found Lilith — the evil queen of Edom — getting freed from her captivity, so there really won't be a moment of rest for our Shadowhunters in the upcoming episode 17, 'Heavenly Fire', and the recently released teaser for the same emphasizes it more than ever before.


The name of the episode is a direct reference to episode 16, where we find Lilith (Ana Hopkins) giving out valuable information about her lair in Edom, and also revealing the one ritual that could finally sever the bond between Clary (Katherine McNamara) and Jonathan (Luke Baines).

For the latter, she reveals that Clary must acquire the sword of Michael, called Glorious, which has been blessed with heavenly fire and is thus capable of ruining any demonic life that it comes into contact with. But here's the catch: Glorious, the sword, is believed to have been destroyed ages ago.

Plot-wise, the official synopsis of episode 17 reveals that "Simon and Izzy team up on a secret mission to figure out what The Clave is hiding. Meanwhile, Clary is conflicted about Jonathan as the Shadowhunters try to get answers." This is what leads us to believe that at one point or the other, the Heavenly fire in all its glory, will be able to exercise its powers and do something potentially damaging to the bond Clary shares with Jonathan, through the life-force rune etched on both their bodies.


Not that we are complaining, because it has been painful enough to see Jonathan pull a Professor Umbridge from the 'Harry Potter' franchise, by making words appear on Clary's arm as bleeding wounds, but what we also must remember is that Clary, after all, is a caring person who cannot see her loved ones in misery. So it's quite likely that as many chances of seeing her bond with Jonathan get severed are rife in the upcoming episode, there will also be quite a bit of focus on Clary's internal conflict as she sees her evil twin shackled by the Shadowhunters, who will go to any limit to get answers out of the antagonist.


But the other big thing fans have to look forward to in the upcoming episode is the big Malec proposal! That's right; Alec Lightwood (Matthew Daddario) is wasting no time in being a bachelor anymore, especially after what happened to his boyfriend Magnus Bane (Harry Shum Jr.) recently. Magnus almost lost his life and that gave Alec enough time and perspective to figure out what he treasures the most in his life. Not that it was ever a question, but the answer is just much clearer to Alec now. As for the other Lightwood sibling, Izzy (Emeraude Toubia), the coming episode will find carrying out a secret investigation of The Clave, along with Simon Lewis (Alberto Rosende), to discover more about the mysterious murders happening within.

'Shadowhunters' episode 17 'Heavenly Fire' will air on Monday, April 8, at 8/7c, only on Freeform.

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