'Shadowhunters' season 3 spoilers reveal Simon is in danger as "Sizzy" bond continues to grow

With the release of the new trailer for episode 17, we know for sure the Sizzy flames are burning, but that's not stopping Simon from taking up dangerous jobs

                            'Shadowhunters' season 3 spoilers reveal Simon is in danger as "Sizzy" bond continues to grow

The upcoming, episode 17 of 'Shadowhunters' season 3B, promises a lot. From the prospect of a Malec proposal to Clary Fray coming face to face with a chained and masked Jonathan Morgenstern in the Institute's entrapment, a lot is going on.

But the one major revelation in the now released promo trailer for the episode that absolutely cannot be overlooked is Simon Lewis (Alberto Rosende) and Izzy Lightwood (Emeraude Toubia) teaming up once again for a secret mission that will Simon in physical danger. In episode 16, titled 'Stay with Me', we saw Clary (Katherine McNamara) and her friends try to summon the evil queen of Edom, Lilith (Ana Hopkins), to try and find a way to rid Clary of the life-force rune.

It was Lilith who had given Clary the rune - thereby tying her in a bond for life with her evil twin, and Lilith's son, Jonathan (Luke Baines). Unfortunately, Lilith managed to escape and even though Clary ended up successfully transporting Jonathan through a portal into a cell at the Institute, the threat to Clary's life is still very much present. 


But Lilith isn't the only one posing a threat to the Shadowhunters, as The Clave has already encountered quite a few mysterious deaths amongst its members. And it is to solve this very mystery, Simon and Izzy had come together to form what fans have labeled "Sizzy," going on secret missions together, first to destroy the Mark of Cain, and more recently to dig out The Clave's secrets.

In the last episode, we saw the two of them walking down a dimly lit subway, as they discussed their relationship failures so far. Seeing couples in their group go through relationship crises, both of them decide that love is not their cup of tea and they make a pinky-promise pact to stay forever single.

We know how these pacts end up most of the time, but while they are being so adorably in denial of the romance budding between them, what they are also being absolutely clueless about is the intensity of the risk and danger they are undertaking by going on these secret missions.


The trailer of the upcoming episode shows Izzy and Aline in a training session, where she tells the latter about her investigation of The Clave. Izzy tells Aline that she has a secret informant within the members, and the camera pans to show clips of Simon trying to sneak into The Clave to gather information. Sadly, however, it doesn't go successfully for them as one of the original members identifies Simon as a stranger and attacks him.

The biggest reason why Simon undertakes this task is that The Clave has valuable information they are hiding about a particular sword called Glorious. The sword that belonged to Michael, is said to be blessed with Heavenly Fire (the title of the episode, yes), that has the power to ruin any demonic entity it comes into contact with. Meaning, this sword is the key to break the bond between Clary and Jonathan, created by Lilith. But poor Simon, things don't seem to turn out exactly how he had expected.

Even the last time Simon and Izzy had teamed up to destroy the Mark of Cain, Simon ended up getting attacked, and Izzy had to shed blood from her own veins to retrieve Simon back to life. Simon might be a new addition to the shadowhunters gang after he was turned into a Daylighter, but in the recent past, he has shown incredible bravery, rising to the occasion every single time someone's life has been in danger.

And now, this close to the show's end, we just really want our favorite Daylighter goofball to make it out of the season finale in one piece and alive.