'Shadowhunters' spoilers reveal a Malec wedding will leave Clary devastated

Remember the first official trailer for 'Shadowhunters' 3B? There was a wedding that Clary left crying. Guess who's finally getting married!

                            'Shadowhunters' spoilers reveal a Malec wedding will leave Clary devastated

This article contains spoilers for 'Shadowhunters' season 3 episodes 16 and 17.

The teaser video released for the upcoming episode 17, 'Heavenly Fire,' of Shadowhunters season 3B shows a very anxious Alec Lightwood (Matthew Daddario), about to ask something very important to the love of his life - Magnus Bane (Harry Shum Jr). You guessed it right, Alec is about to propose to Magnus, and this coming right after Magnus' very critical battle for life, has given us major feels.

But happy and thrilled as we are for a Malec wedding finally happening, there's a smidge of possibility that it won't end well for clary - a speculation that we have this season's official trailer to thank for. This week's episode 16 titled 'Stay With Me' saw our favorite couple from the show, Malec, undergo the biggest test their relationship has been through - a health crisis for Magnus.


Having newly regained magical powers, Magnus' body had started rejecting the magic, which came from Lorenzo. Things got so out of control, Magnus' body couldn't take the new magic anymore, thus spiraling him into unconsciousness, which needed him to be admitted at the Institute's hospital.


As Magnus lay asleep in the hospital bed, Alec received an epiphany where he realized how much a life with Magnus by his side meant to him, thus spurring him to decide to propose, which the latest trailer for episode 17 shows. And granted any of that is yet to happen, and Alec Lightwood is yet to go down on one knee and ask the former High Warlock of Brooklyn to spend the rest of his life with him, but we know there can be no other answer than a flamboyant yes from Magnus.

Crisis situations apart, their relationship has never been stronger, so it only makes sense that the wedding we were teased in the official trailer ahead of this ongoing season's premiere, was a Malec wedding.

Clary (Katherine McNamara) leaving the wedding in the trailer of Shadowhunters Season 3B. Source: Freeform
Clary (Katherine McNamara) leaving the wedding in the trailer of Shadowhunters Season 3B. Source: Freeform


But here's the catch: Along with the wedding that was teased in the trailer, what we also saw was our protagonist Clary Fray (Katherine McNamara) leaving the wedding venue in a pool of tears, wearing a maroon dress. That confirmed ahead of this season's release that even though there's a wedding, it won't be Clary's. The reason behind this has to be Clary's current predicament where she finds herself connected to her evil twin Jonathan Morgenstern, because of the life-force rune the two of them share.

Moreover, in the latest episode, we also saw Lilith, the evil queen of Edom, managing to free herself from her entrapment, and that could only mean far more dangerous and sinister things awaiting Clary's path on the show.

As much as we want her and her prince charming, Jace Herondale (Dominic Sherwood), to finally achieve their happy ending, nothing seems to be going right for Clary. With her rune creating a dangerous hindrance in her life, and Jonathan and Lilith both still alive, planning a wedding is the last thing Clary can concentrate on.

As thrilled as we are for the Malec wedding, it's still sad that maybe there won't be a Clace (Clary and Jace) wedding in the second half of the third and final season of 'Shadowhunters'. As for why she leaves the wedding crying, there has been no concrete explanation offered on that front.

But if the current circumstances were to continue, Clary breaking down into a pool of tears could be related to anything; her stepfather being arrested by the police, her life-force rune tormenting her once again, or the worse - her realizing that she and Jace could never end up like Malec.

'Shadowhunters' returns with episode 17 'Heavenly Fire' on Monday, April 8, at 8/7c, only on Freeform.