'Sister Wives' Fan Reactions: Why is Kody intimate with the others and not Christine?

Kody resorts to not being intimate with Christine because he thinks he is being betrayed by her

                            'Sister Wives' Fan Reactions: Why is Kody intimate with the others and not Christine?
Christine and Kody Brown from 'Sister Wives' (Instagram/@christine_brownsw)

In the latest episode of 'Sister Wives', we see a very insecure Kody Brown playing the victim card once again. In short, Kody is mad at Christine because she doesn't want to stay in a marriage where there is no intimacy. 

What's appalling is that Kody turns this entire situation around on her. In his opinion, Kody says that the reason he cannot be intimate with her is that he has constantly been hearing from others that Christine is thinking of leaving him for good. Due to this, his mind is clouded with these thoughts whenever she is around. He also has the audacity to say that he feels betrayed by her actions. 


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Here's what fans think about the latest episode of 'Sister Wives'. One fan said, "What is a romance-less marriage? Why would you be ok with that Kody? Does not sound like a good setup. Also, you talk about feeling betrayed, not respected, not in charge a lot. Time to think about some things, sir. #SisterWives", while another shared, "Why is Kody acting like his and Christine’s marriage ending was a surprise? That whole betrayal thing #SisterWives". 

One fan tweeted, "It’s driving me crazy how kody is trying to make Christine out to be the bad guy. #SisterWives", while another said, "Kody your such an a**, you narcissistic idiot, you thought it would be ok with any woman to stay in a marriage where you tell the woman you are not attracted to her and there will be no intimacy! She should have left your ass long ago. #SisterWives".








One fan tweeted, "Kody: i don’t know how i feel about this, i didn’t know she was this serious. Shut up Kody, Take your little boxes to Robyn’s house shit head. you have been moved out of CHRISTINE’S house. #SisterWives", while another said, "#SisterWives So basically kody is having sex with only 1 of his wives while the other 3 are working and making money for the whole family Could he be a grifter…".

One fan shared, "Kody playing the victim like always Christine on behalf of all of us...., #SisterWives", while another said, "#SisterWives Kody: I want an intimate-less marriage but I still want you to put up with my bullshit and be married to me. Me:".









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