'Sister Wives': Fans want Christine to have her own show and get rid of 'Krappy Kody'

Fans applauded Christine's guts to walk away from her overly toxic and demeaning husband Kody Brown

                             'Sister Wives': Fans want Christine to have her own show and get rid of 'Krappy Kody'
Christine Brown from 'Sister Wives' (Instagram - @christine_brownsw)

On the recent episode of 'Sister Wives', the Browns plan a family get-together for Kody and Robyn's daughter, Ariella's fifth birthday. The party is probably the only wholesome part in the whole episode with little Ariella dressed in a unicorn dress, distributing snacks and ecstatic at her unicorn-themed birthday cake. 

The highlight of the episode is Christine Brown's realization when she seemingly hits rock bottom. She tells herself that she need not stay married to Kody. A marriage that has no intimacy isn't a marriage at all in her opinion. In addition, she also told Kody to get out of her house, that he can visit the kids but will not be allowed to share her bedroom anymore. Although upsetting to watch, kudos to Christine for putting her foot down and not settling for anything less than what she truly deserves!


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Here's what fans think about the recent episode of 'Sister Wives'.

One fan said, "I think we need to start a Christine fan club. #SisterWives", while another tweeted, "@tlc ok TLC we are ready for a Christine show, you know we will watch #SisterWives". Another shared, "“We’ll see if you can be a good sister wife” ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!! Christine has literally raised not only her kids but the other sister wives’ kids as well! She is the BEST sister wife!! #SisterWives", while another said, "Go christine go #SisterWives".









One fan tweeted, "Give Christine a show where she finds a man who loves her and only her #SisterWives", while another shared, "Can we please give Christine and @JanelleBrown117 their own show and FINALLY be rid of Krappy Kody?!?!?! #SisterWives".

One fan said, "#SisterWives you go Christine. The p.o.s you call a husband is like…”this is my house and my stuff” i would have moved his stuff to the curb. Byeee!", while another shared, "@SWChristine2020 I’m so glad you found your voice! @realkodybrown doesn’t deserve you! You’re a true gem and a beautiful person, he’s a narcissistic pig #SisterWives #liveyourbestlife #freeofkody #kodysucks". 









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