'Sister Wives': Is Janelle leaving Kody? Fans think she might be the next to walk out

Janelle and Kody have been fighting all season and fans believe that Janelle might be taking a page out of Christine's book

                            'Sister Wives': Is Janelle leaving Kody? Fans think she might be the next to walk out
Janelle Brown (Instagram/janellebrown117)

Making a relationship work requires time, energy and effort from both partners. It certainly isn't an easy feat. But for Kody Brown, having three wives certainly packs on the pressure, seeing that the polygamist has a relatively larger family. And it looks like one of his marriages might be in trouble again.

The Brown family had fans shocked when it was revealed that Christine, Kody's third wife of 25 years, was leaving him. Christine, who shares six children with Kody -- Aspyn, Mykelti, Gwendlyn, Ysabel, Truely and Paedon, felt their relationship was heavily strained post their move to Flagstaff. While she wanted to go back to Utah, it didn't seem like it was an option for the family. So with Kody and Christine unable to resolve their issues, the couple split. And it now appears like Janelle, Kody's second wife, is taking a cue from her.


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It is no surprise that Kody and Janelle have been going at it all season, with most of their arguments stemming from COVID-19. The fights between the two even got ugly when Kody demanded that Janelle spend Thanksgiving alone, as her sons Gabriel and Garrison had frequently been going out and meeting people. Kody believed that Janelle should be staying away from them to "respect" the "big picture" regarding his rules. Janelle, however, had had enough and promptly replied saying -- "You know, f**k off."



The two seem to be repeatedly arguing over their sons frequently, with Kody insisting that they move out as well due to them often breaking his COVID rules. He even spoke about it during his confessionals. "I'm on the verge of washing my hands of it. I'm gonna have Gabrielle and Garrison move out of the house. You've got a good car, you go get a job, here's some cash. Bye." he stated. However, Janelle certainly disagreed with him and had no intention of asking her sons to leave. "This is a different day and age. You don't just kick your kids out of the house at 18 and say, hope you do good I'm done. I'm tired."

Apart from this, it seems that Janelle and Christine have been spending quite a bit of quality time together. Reddit sleuths did a bit of digging and found out that she and Christine went to Disney together, and Christine even posted New Year's Eve photos with Janelle, implying that they might have just spent the holidays together. While there have been no official announcements yet, fans will have to wait and see how to season plays out. But if the rumours are anything to go by, Kody might lose another wife.


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