'Sister Wives': Meri is happy Kody wants to talk to her, fans find it 'pathetic'

Kody mentioned that all he had was an amicable relationship. He did not have any desire for Meri, stating that their relationship wasn't romantic

                            'Sister Wives': Meri is happy Kody wants to talk to her, fans find it 'pathetic'
Meri and Kody Brown on 'Sister Wives' (TLC)

For the cast of 'Sister Wives', Season 16 seems to be bringing forth the same old problems, with no real end in sight. While the family continues to adjust to living apart due to covid while planning to build on their Coyote Pass property, they seem have grown apart. And now, with Christine wanting desperately to move back to Utah, Kody seems to be stuck in the middle.

As with the Brown family, decisions are usually made depending on what the majority wants. With Christine wanting to move, Kody found himself sitting down with his other wives to see what they wanted. While Robyn was adamant about staying, Kody eventually turned to Meri to see what she had to say on the matter.


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Meri and Kody seemed to have a mature conversation about the moving process, assessing why Christine wanted to move. Kody even mentioned that he saw himself retiring in Utah but now was unsure about the whole situation as he was caught in the middle. When it came to moving, Utah or Flagstaff didn't seem to concern Meri much, but she wasn't keen on moving either. However, as the conversation continued, she noted that she was happy to discuss with Kody, as they were casually talking to each other. Fans dealt with some serious second-hand embarrassment, stating that a wife shouldn't be happy that a husband wants to talk to her -- conversations such as this one should come naturally without any effort.

"Meri being so excited that Cody wants to talk to her is so so sad... #sisterwives" tweeted a fan. "#sisterwives Im getting second hand embarrassment from Meri being excited that Kody wants to talk to her." added another. "Poor Meri…. Her husband VISITING her house and even speaking to her makes her so excited… That's twisted #SisterWives" noted a fan. "The way Meri is so excited that Kody wants to talk to her is pretty sad (and pathetic) #SisterWives" agreed a fan. "I'm getting serious second hand embarrassment from Meri's desperation #SisterWives" tweeted a user. "Meri is looking super desperate and it's sad af. I actually feel sorry for this biddy #SisterWives" added a fan. 













While it was hard to watch Meri grasp at the few straws in this relationship, it got even worse when Kody later mentioned that all they had was an amicable relationship. He did not have any desire for Meri, stating that their relationship wasn't romantic. Instead, he noted that they were in a better position than they were earlier. Fans, however, felt as though Meri deserved more than an 'amicable' relationship and that it was time she moved on, as they continued to encourage her to do so.

"Kody reaffirming again that he's only interested in a platanoic relationship with Meri, but she still thinks God told her to stay in that "marriage." Girlfriend….value yourself a litte more and move on." stated a fan. "I would never want to be in a marriage (spiritual or legal) with a man who says on national television that he doesn't want a romantic relationship with me #sisterwives" added another. "Meri needs to pack up her crap and move in with Christine. It's uncomfortable watching her drool over a man who doesn't want her. #SisterWives" noted a fan.






Is it time for Meri to finally walk away? Do you think she will still stick around with Kody despite him declaring that he does not have any feelings for her as her husband? Sound off in the comments below! 

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