'Sister Wives' Season 16: Fans ask Meri to 'take notes' from Christine and leave Kody

'Sister Wives' Season 16: Fans ask Meri to 'take notes' from Christine and leave Kody
Meri Brown on 'Sister Wives' (TLC)

With Season 16 of 'Sister Wives' here, Kody and his family still seem to be going through a rough patch. Between their move to Flagstaff and the COVID-19 keeping the family apart, the tension grows between Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn. And it looks like Kody might be soon dealing with a familiar situation.

Meri and Kody's relationship has been strained for quite a while now. Despite them staying together, they seldom maintain a husband-wife relationship. Their relationship seems to be more transactional and after Meri's catfish incident, seemed to be no coming back. And now, looks like Christine and Kody might be in a similar situation. 


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With the family still stuck in limbo regarding the Coyote Pass property, Christine stated that she wanted to move back to Utah. With Christine feeling the pressure of the situation, Meri was the first to help comfort her, seeing that Christine's relationship with Kody is clearly getting strained. For Meri, having been in that situation, she understands the situation better than everyone else. While Kody addressed his relationship with Meri in the episode, he commented about not kicking Meri out despite ending their relationship. Fans were thoroughly livid to see Kody continue to treat Meri the way he did previously and took to Twitter to call him out on it. 

"How noble of Kody… he's not kicking her out #sisterwives" tweeted a fan. "Kody: I'm not kicking her out.... Right back on this BS I see #SisterWives" added another. "#SisterWives so Kodi told Meri we are no longer together but it's just business- wtf but I appreciate his honesty she's a fool to stay" noted a fan. "Kody starting the season off with a gaslighting love bomb on Meri. #SisterWives" tweeted a fan. 









While Meri was the one to comfort Christine, fans believed that she needs to take notes from here sister wife instead and leave this partnership for good, seeing that it seems to benefit her in no way. "Meri! Girl... At this point you're living in misery because you want to. Kodi has made it clear he doesn't want you. #sisterwives" tweeted a fan. "I'm so excited to see Christine leave Kodi this season! Meri, take notes. It's been time to leave. #SisterWives" added another. "Meri you don't need this shit especially. #SisterWives" tweeted a fan.







What do you think? Is it high time Meri packs her bags and leaves? So should she stand up to Kody, if she decides to be a part of this arrangement? Sound off below. 

Catch Season 16 of 'Sister Wives' on Sundays, at 10pm ET on TLC. 

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