'Sister Wives': Robyn and Meri hash out their house problem, say Kody is to blame for all of it

Robyn and Meri might have had their differences but their relationship has been growing stronger every day

                            'Sister Wives': Robyn and Meri hash out their house problem, say Kody is to blame for all of it
Meri and Robyn (TLC)

Robyn Brown and Meri Brown had a tight-knit relationship when the two first met. but over the years things changed. With both of them having their respective problems, there was a distance that pushed the two apart. However, over the years, they have tried to rebuild their relationship. 

Recently, the two had a falling out when there was confusion about who would stay where once they started constructing houses in the land they had recently purchased. Meri and Robyn did not seem happy with the plot that was provided for their house and that led to the two not wanting to talk to each other. 

However, Meri knew that it was important to clear the air and decided to invite Robyn to her house. The two sat down together and Meri explained that she had no problem with Robyn but was not happy with Kody Brown as he had caused the confusion. She revealed that she never got a chance to select the plot that she wanted and felt like she was given the leftover. 

Robyn revealed that the same situation was repeated. She further added that the problem arose because Kody had not taken all the wives together and decided to have individual conversations instead. 

Robyn made it clear that she was closer to Meri than the other sister wives and would not be happy if she decided to walk out of the family. She revealed that she would choose to leave if Meri left.  Meri confessed that there was a time when she was in a dark place and she has had problems with Kody but added that it did not mean she wanted to walk out of the family. 

She justified her actions by stating that she chose to move to Flagstaff because she wanted to be with the family. While Robyn was familiar with the problems that existed between Kody and Meri, she knew that she shares a special bond with Meri that she does not with the other sister wives. 

While the two managed to come to an understanding, the confusion about the house still exists and we wonder if the family will be able to solve it as smoothly as Robyn and Meri did. 

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