'Siesta Key': Are Garrett Miller's roomie Will Gray and Camilla Cattaneo still together?

'Siesta Key': Are Garrett Miller's roomie Will Gray and Camilla Cattaneo still together?
Will Gray, Camilla Cattaneo from 'Siesta Key' (Will/ Camilla/ Instagram)

Camilla Cattaneo needed a break given how stormy her life has been of late. The Palm Island vacation was easily one of the best things to have happened to her. Not only did it give her closure and to understand where she stands with Brandon Gomes, but also an opportunity to meet new people. 

Garrett Miller's roommate Will Gray arrived to the party late, and Cattaneo hit it off with him. Although they started off by having a discussion about her and Gomes, soon the conversation drifted and within moments they were seen kissing each other. While this is the start of something new, Juliette Porter and Sam Logan's relationship seem to be falling apart. Could Jordana Barnes be a reason? Only time will tell. 


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Are Will and Camilla still dating?

Our guesses are as good as yours. The show is only in its sixth episode, so it's too early to predict futures. Their social media profiles don't say much. Both have their feeds up to brim with pictures from their travels and a few with their friends.

Honestly, it's best kept that way. When too many people know, the chances of their relationship (assuming there's still one) blossoming lessens by a huge margin. 


Also, Cattaneo needs to hit pause button and reflect on the difficult times she has been through. She has had a rough 2020, as most of us. But for her, it was tougher because she suffered complications from an ectopic pregnancy. The reality TV star detailed the events of the day she was rushed to a hospital on Instagram

"Brandon drove me to Tampa hospital at 9 am and this is when COVID started so they only let me (the patient) in with no visitors allowed. At that point I start panicking crying, had no idea what was happening and on top had to be alone. I was at the hospital all day and night when the doc finally came in and told me I was having an ectopic pregnancy: which is when the fertilized egg implants outside the uterus and needed surgery immediately. It’s 11pm Brandon is outside ready to pick me up (a total of 12 hrs he waited in the parking lot for me) and we finally go home.... Heaven gained a beautiful angel."


Here's hoping Camilla healed through all of this and is now in a calmer head space. 

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