'Siesta Key': Will Sam Logan propose Juliette Porter? Fans wonder as he says 'she's the one'

Sam said he would never hurt Juliette and be open with her always

                            'Siesta Key': Will Sam Logan propose Juliette Porter? Fans wonder as he says 'she's the one'
Juliette Porter, Sam Logan (MTV)

Sam Logan and Juliette Porter have been dating for a while now. And it's evident that they are into each other but how serious are they though? Sam treated Juliette and all of her friends to an extravagant New Year's Eve party at Miami, Florida. While everyone enjoyed their time by the pool and caught up with what's new, the couple went out for dinner and it seemed like Sam was in it for the long haul. 

He was interested in Juliette's day and wanted to learn more about how her meeting for her swimsuit line went. She was thrilled to be starting her own venture but also aware that it will not be easy because there are finances in play. Listening to that, Sam immediately offered to help so that she could launch her line sooner. But Juliette denied it saying he can help when she is further along.

But that was not all they talked about. Sam was patient and answered all her questions even when she asked if they were exclusive or was he hooking up with other people, to which he said that he would never hurt her and is a believer in open communication and honesty. 

Later that evening, as Juliette and Sam were chatting up with his friends, he blurted: "She's the one." Did he really mean it? Time will tell. For Juliette's sake, this one should work because if it doesn't it may leave her in pieces. She has had a tough past dealing with Alex Kompthecras and Robby Hayes, and we have all seen how those two relationships turned out. 

Meanwhile, fans too cannot stop cheering for the new couple on the block. 

"You know what we call Juliette’s conversation with Sam? Growth #SiestaKey," a fan commented.


"I STAN Juliette and Sam!!!! The way they look at each other  #SiestaKey," another wrote. 


"I like Sam. Just not Sam for Juliette. You can tell he really likes her, but she would’ve never looked his way if he didn’t have money #SiestaKey," a user tweeted. 



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