Who is Delainey Shae? 'Siesta Key' fans wonder if Brandon Gomes's baby mama is 'stalker' who 'planned pregnancy'

Who is Delainey Shae? 'Siesta Key' fans wonder if Brandon Gomes's baby mama is 'stalker' who 'planned pregnancy'
Delainey Shae, Brandon Gomes from 'Siesta Key' (MTV)

Brandon Gomes ended the previous season of 'Siesta Key' in the most controversial way possible. During the reunion episodes, he revealed that he had cheated on his then-girlfriend, Camilla Cattaneo, with a woman he refused to name back then. Interestingly, after he found out that the girl was pregnant with his baby, he ended all communication.

However, he was regretful and was willing to do all it takes to make things right. Even though his friends were supportive of him coming clean, they thought that abandoning his baby mama was not a wise thing to do. Brandon agreed and, since then, brought more than enough changes in his life to make up for lost time.



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Who is Brandon Gomes' baby mama?

In a preview clip, we see Brandon spending time with his son Quincy and baby mama Delainey Shae, who is a Florida Gulf Coast University alumni. She is currently studying occupational therapy, Reality TV reported.

Even though Brandon and Delainey were meeting for the first time, their interaction was neither awkward nor filled with silent pauses. Both attempted to understand their situation, but the vibe she gave off was different from the one Brandon had when they met.




With him, it seemed as if he wanted to be there as a parent but also clear his name. He wanted it to be known that even though he will be focusing more on his baby and her, he had a life beyond them too. Delainey, on the other hand, appeared enamored and wanted their conversation to take a different turn.

Meanwhile, social media users have weighed in with their two cents.




"She wants a relationship, he’s like ehhh," one wrote on the post shared by the official page of the show, a second commented: "I’m getting the vibe she wants to be more than co-parents with Brandon."

"Well that's obvious lol but she is not considering her baby for one second or how everything can affect him! Only her feelings matter! Just those few actions, showed her selfish intent and I can't fuck with that. She is doing wrong. And that's where she lost me," a user pointed out.

"I’m getting stalker and planned pregnancy vibes from this girl. Brandon is going to have some trouble co-parenting with this one cause she definitely wants more than that. This whole interaction was very uncomfortable," a fourth expressed.

"This chick is a fangirl that got pregnant. She clearly wants him and could care less about Camilla and what he had going on. I know she knew about her," another shared.

'Siesta Key' Season 4 premieres on May 12 at 8/7c. For more information, check your local listings.


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