Will Sienna Mae be arrested? Calls grow for TikTok ban amid Jack Wright sex assault row

Jack has decided to speak about his experiences in a YouTube video titled 'what sienna mae did to me' about being a sexual assault victim

                            Will Sienna Mae be arrested? Calls grow for TikTok ban amid Jack Wright sex assault row
Sienna accused for sexually assaulting Jack Wright (Sienna Mae Gomez/Facebook, Jack Wright/Instagram)

Sienna Mae Gomez, a 17-year-old California-based social media celebrity, has been accused of sexually assaulting Hype House member Jack Wright. Both were pals who have shared videos of themselves dancing together on their individual tiktok accounts, which were well-received by followers. All of this changed after a few months, with Sienna becoming physically involved with Jack, despite his objections that he didn't like it. Reportedly, Jack let her know she was a friend with whom he didn't want to connect in that way. Despite this, they produced videos in which they kissed and cuddled and distributed them online — videos that were allegedly a result of Jack being coerced.

Jack realised he had to do something about what was going on after his friends and family took the matter into their own hands. Mason Rizzo shared a slew of screenshots from his Notes app, demonstrating how Sienna verbally abused him and a number of other men. This was eventually deleted from the internet platforms because they wanted to deal with the problem offline. "I struggle with seeing a girl getting praised after telling my best friend to go kill himself and sexually assault him multiple times after he set boundaries and repeatedly wonder why 'he doesn't like you back,'" the statement by Mason Rizzo. "She also has a history of 'verbally abusing people' when she was in high school and Los Angeles, where she now lives, in addition to 'prioritizing the growth of her platform.'"


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Sienna has lost a lot of fans on her social media sites as a result of this, and she addressed the subject in one of her YouTube videos, insisting that the charges were baseless. After that, in reaction to her YouTube video, Jack posted a message on his instagram account.


After all of this, a Tiktoker named Lachlan Hannemann posted a video on June 3 that he claims shows evidence of Gomez sexually assaulting Wright, which he witnessed. The video has subsequently been taken down from Hannemann's account, and he stated in a follow-up comment that TikTok was responsible for removing the video, not him. However, his video is still being shared on TikTok by other users given he viral nature of the platform. With the video of the "witness", the allegations became a little more than just a 'He said-She said' difference of perspective between Jack and Sienna's accounts of what was going on.

Hannemann exhibited a footage of Wright looking to be intoxicated to the point of being unconscious or otherwise incompetent in the video, which he said was shot on November 30, 2020.   Hanneman claimed he had no idea Gomez and Wright's relationship was "false" and was unconcerned when Gomez sat on top of Wright and began kissing him,  with her hand on his crotch. Later on Jack's friends moved Gomez away from Wright soon after the video was shot.


After viewing a Tiktok video by brendonqueue, who discusses how it feels to be sexually assaulted as a guy, Jack finally found the guts to speak up. Following his viewing of that video, Jack decided to speak about his experiences in a YouTube video titled 'what sienna mae did to me'.