Did Sienna Mae Gomez and Jack Wright break up? She says they never had sex in ‘mental mindf**k’ relationship

Did Sienna Mae Gomez and Jack Wright break up? She says they never had sex in ‘mental mindf**k’ relationship
Sienna Mae Gomez said that for a long time, she had been 'strung along' and 'misled' by Jack Wright (Instagram/ jack.wright21)

Sienna Mae Gomez, in a new Instagram video, following allegations of sexually assaulting Jack Wright, has claimed two important things: One, she did not sexually assault him. And two, she and Wright never had sex. The TikTok star, who has more than 15 million followers on the platform, was accused of this by Wright's close friend, Mason Rizzo.

Rizzo slammed the 17-year-old for being "verbally and physically abusive" on multiple occasions in the relationship even after Wright had set clear boundaries. He even claimed that Gomez told Wright to "kill himself". 


Sienna Mae Gomez allegedly asked TikToker Jack Wright to 'kill himself', friend claims she was 'abusive'

Sienna Mae Gomez denies molesting Jack Wright, Mason Rizzo deletes post claiming she told him to 'kill himself'


Following this, Gomez released a statement on Instagram saying, “Friends fight and relationships sometimes change, but allegations of a criminal act are not to be thrown around loosely. Making an untrue sexual assault claim is never okay. I'm beyond saddened by this situation. In order for us all to move forward, I will be taking this offline with Jack. Thank you to all who have reached out with love and concern.”

Gomez had been dating Wright, who is a member of Hype House. They had a very public relationship, often sharing cozy and cuddly videos and photos together. But fans of the stars have been speculating if they have broken up, for some time now. The speculation was fuelled by the fact that neither have posted on social media together in a while. In fact, the last photo that Wright shared of the two of them together was several months ago in January. 

Did they break up?

These speculations have now been confirmed by Gomez in the new Instagram video. She said that for a long time, she had been “strung along” and “misled” by Wright. She also said, “I gave my entire heart and all of my love for nine months so vulnerably on the internet,” adding that she “cared about him on a personal level” and will “always have a special place in my heart for him.”


She said, “It’s so crazy to me -- once a relationship or a friendship has ended, people will turn your very best qualities against you,” adding that she was talking about “the way I love”. She said that it was frustrating to her that her love was being called desperate and obsessive, and said, “I feel so f**king stupid”. 

She said that two weeks ago, she had asked Wright to film a video with her, explaining why they were no longer together. The reason she said was because she wanted to protect her mental health -- she could not move on with everyone else thinking they were still together. She said that he refused saying it would not be healthy for them. Gomez, however, claimed that she wanted to be with him while he “would never and did not” have feelings for her.

“It was real online, and then it was sometimes real offline and sometimes it wasn’t,” said Gomez, explaining that their relationship was “confusing”, “misleading”, and a “mental mindf**k” for her. She said he never defined their relationship because it was beneficial for him to keep it that way. “He has said hurtful things to me, the way I have said hurtful things to him. But in the end, I loved him, no matter what,” she said.

In the video, she said that they both know who the person who had sexually assaulted him was, adding that he knew she was not at the said “gathering”. She did not elaborate on this any further, adding that she was there for him in the aftermath, through several “depressive nights”. 

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