Who is Jack Wright's brother James? Sienna Mae Gomez says sexual assault allegations are 'bold', coming from him

Who is Jack Wright's brother James? Sienna Mae Gomez says sexual assault allegations are 'bold', coming from him
Sienna Mae Gomez and James Wright are embroiled in controversy (Instagram/@siennamaegomez, @james.wright)

Just nine weeks ago, Sienna Mae Gomez wished TikTok stars Jack Wright and his twin James a happy birthday, with a string of photos of her hugging them. Since then, Gomez has been accused of sexually assaulting her rumored ex-boyfriend Jack by one of their close friends Mason Rizzo, who said Gomez was abusive and had asked Jack to allegedly 'kill himself'. Now, Gomez has given her full public testimony, explaining her side of things, and Rizzo isn't the only one she has targeted.

The other party under Gomez's radar is Jack's twin brother James, a fellow Tiktok famous teen, who had shared cryptic lyrics and posts in the aftermath of Rizzo's allegations. This is a major reverse on Gomez previously addressing the allegations from Jack's friend Mason Rizzo, where she claimed she would be handling things "offline". Rizzo deleted posts containing his allegations shortly after, but in her new video on the allegations, Gomez asked him to "be ready" for her legal team's response to the allegations hurled by him. And she also addressed James, making a snide remark about how it was "bold" of him to accuse her of sexual assault, "especially coming from you".


Who is Mason Rizzo? Jack Wright's friend deletes tweet accusing Sienna Mae Gomez of being abusive

Sienna Mae Gomez denies molesting Jack Wright, Mason Rizzo deletes post claiming she told him to 'kill himself'

Who is James Wright?

With just about 60 posts on Instagram, James Wright is one-half of the Tiktok famous Wright twins. Born on March 29, 2003, according to The Famous People.com, James is 18 years old now. His Instagram bio says he's attending Standford University, class of 2025, where he claims he will be running track and field for the college. The Great Oak High School graduate has always been a talented track and field athlete and has participated in several school events.

James, a California-born online sensation, was mostly known for his Instagram account @james.wright, which currently has 418k followers and more than 5.6 million likes. His brother Jack was the one with initial TikTok fame, and once James moved to the platform, his soaring account @jameswright bagged some 4 million followers. Known especially for his lip-sync videos, James is also part of the popular clique — The Hype House, along with Nick Austin, Chase Hudson, Tony Lopez and others. His fellow Hype House member, and former frequent collaborator Sienna Mae Gomez is the one who has warned him for what she claims are false accusations against her.

James, who is friends with some of Tiktok's reigning ladies like Charli D'Amelio, Avani Gregg and Addison Rae, was embroiled in controversy after he took Rizzo's side in the allegations against Gomez. “I struggle with seeing a girl getting praised after telling my best friend to kill himself and sexually assaulting him numerous times after he set boundaries and then reportedly wonder why ‘he doesn’t like [her] back'," Rizzo had claimed in a since-deleted post about Gomez. He added: “She also has a history of verbally abusing people in high school and in LA. She prioritizes the growth of her platform rather than the positive message she represents herself as.”


Is Sienna Mae suing James Wright?

The allegations, although never formally addressed, confirmed, or denied by the Wright family, were however, further stressed when Jack's brother James posted cryptic posts on his social media, and retweeted Rizzo's original post writing “This is why ‘I couldn’t just let it go and stay out of it.” And neither could Gomez stay out of warning James, as she told her 380,000 YouTube subscribers “I unequivocally deny the allegations that I sexually assaulted Jack Wright. I am not making an apology video.” She further clarified "I have nothing to apologize for because I did not sexually assault Jack Wright. Jack never confirmed or denied it, which makes the situation worse because he never denied it knowing that it’s not true.”


She then turned her attention to Rizzo, whom she asked to "be ready" despite Rizzo having taken down the post. She then addressed James in the video, saying: "I’m so surprised that you’re so outspoken on an issue that we both know you relate so closely with. It would really suck if a large group of people… had to share the experiences that they’ve had with you. Saying that I sexually assaulted your twin is very bold — especially coming from you.”

Whether Gomez is threatening legal action against James, or what exactly she meant by the way she concluded her message to him is unknown, but Twitter is not on her side of the argument. On YouTube, however, she seems to have found support as the top comment dotes on the Tiktoker's lack of tears and apology in her tell-all as she calls out the Wright twins and their friend Rizzo.

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