Sienna Mae Gomez seen 'groping' Jack Wright in leaked video, says it was 'normal' in their friendship

Sienna Mae Gomez seen 'groping' Jack Wright in leaked video, says it was 'normal' in their friendship
A screenshot of Sienna Mae Gomez from her statement video (YouTube)

WARNING: The following video contains graphic content that might be disturbing to some readers

A video posted on June 3, Thursday, showed Sienna Mae Gomez groping Jack Wright, who in the video seemed to be unconscious. The video was posted two days after she had posted an update on YouTube claiming all allegations made against her were false. The video, posted on TikTok, has now been deleted. 

The 17-year-old has been under fire since Mason Rizzo, who happens to be Jack and James Wright's best friend, posted his allegations against her on Twitter. After the video was posted, Sienna Mae uploaded another video statement through her YouTube channel. 


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This video is 13 minutes long and the title of the video is 'addressing false allegations 2'. In this video, she tries to debunk the claims that were made in the TikTok video. She said, "Before I start, I stand with what I said in the previous video, I did not sexually assault Jack Wright. Jack was a victim of sexual assault but not by me. I am a victim of continual attempts to cancel me and slander my name with false claims."


She also continued to explain that it was wrong of Jack's friends to have recorded her and Jack in the first place and also claimed that it was all just a "normal" part of their lives. She said, "Jack and I were very touchy feely with our friendship, this is the way we interacted with each other. Any video you go watch of us. You will see that this behavior was normal. We touched each other, kissed other, and we were playful. Within the boundaries of our relationship, this was normal."


She also claimed that Jack was not sleeping and that the video was edited. She said, "You claim in your video that you hear kissing noises. We were kissing. He also claims that my hand is on his c*otch. Well, it is not. My hand is very visibly on Jack's thigh, upper thigh. This video was very strategically narrated and the clip of Jack asleep was after we had just made out. They are edited together."

She also said that she was surprised that the same group of people would hang out with her the very next day after this incident had occurred, which was on November 30, 2020. She also said, "This video is proof of nothing and instead raises questions about Jack's issues and his friend's behaviors. Your friends are trying to make this look sensational when for us it was ordinary."

She also revealed towards the end of the video that Jack's friends were served with cease and desist notices by her attorneys. She claimed that this was due to their defamatory allegations. However, this statement from her did not stop people from saying that she was 'victim blaming' and gaslighting. One user wrote, "Sienna mae.. victim blaming now are we... if jack didnt wanna say anything til 7 months later thats not his fault."


Another user wrote, "That sienna mae girl definitely did it. all the gaslighting and victim blaming going on in her videos and her comments are disgusting. no wonder male sexual assault victims do not come forward." Another user wrote, "What siennamae is doing is victim blaming and gaslighting. If the role were reversed, you wouldn't have given him the benefit of the doubt."



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