Who is Ashley Clark Huffman? TikTok star and former sex worker reveals she was 'raped countless times'

Who is Ashley Clark Huffman? TikTok star and former sex worker reveals she was 'raped countless times'
Ashley Clark Huffman (TikTok)

TikTok star who goes by the name, @trashley_anonymous on the platform, has been revealing the details of the trauma caused to her and by her as a sex worker.  

In the process, the Tiktoker, whose real name is Ashley Clark Huffman, has lifted the veil from the oft-ignored traumatic aspects of taking up sex work as a career. In her videos, Huffman can be seen talking about the shaming comments and hate she received because of her profession. Her videos have gone viral with a recent one hitting a whopping 13 million views.


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Her most viral video describes the “long term effects” of working as a sex worker for 20 years. She lists several harrowing difficulties she faced, including PTSD, night terrors, a lowered sex drive, and affection-related issues. In order to better inform women who are looking to start their own career in sex work, she has been detailing the trauma she endured through two decades in the field.

In her other TikTok videos, she has opened up about her addiction to “fast cash,” and disassociated feelings. Huffman’s TikTok videos give details of her struggles with homelessness and meth addiction, as well as the times she was “kidnapped and beaten." In one of the videos, she told her followers, "I was raped countless times."

She also revealed that she used to make $1,000 in 30 minutes. Apart from the difficulties she faced, Huffman has also opened up about the mistakes she made in the past. According to one of her most recent TikToks, Huffman admitted that she “robbed” a huge number of her clients, blackmailed married men, and once even “stabbed someone.”

Having made a tenuous peace with her past, she says that she’s doing much better now. No longer working as a sex worker, she recently got divorced and is now married to a woman. She also shared the good news that she is in process of getting custody of her kids with her TikTok family. In another positive video, she tells viewers that she is no longer an addict and is living a "clean" life.

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