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Ratings flop 'The Man Who Fell to Earth' CANCELED by Showtime, but fans want more 'black sci-fi'

Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that the Paramount Global-backed premium cable network has declined to renew the series for a second season
UPDATED OCT 11, 2022
'The Man Who Fell To Earth' production still (AIMEE-SPINKS-Showtime)
'The Man Who Fell To Earth' production still (AIMEE-SPINKS-Showtime)

The sci-fi series 'The Man Who Fell to Earth,' developed by Jenny Lumet and Alex Kurtzman for Showtime is said to be based on the 1963 novel of the same name by Walter Tevis and is the sequel to the 1976 film starring David Bowie. The series has an average rating from the review aggregator sites like Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic and a good audience rating.

However, the series will not return with a second season, the Hollywood Reporter has reported. Apparently, the sci-fi series' showrunners, Alex Kurtzman and Jenny Lumet, had originally planned the drama as a closed, limited series, but changed their approach halfway through the first season, but it looks like they have returned to their original plans for the series. Sources also confirmed that the executive producers are indeed very happy with the creativity of the series and consider it a natural ending for the series. Nevertheless, fans are disappointed after hearing this news.


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A Showtime spokesperson stated in a statement to THR, “Our thanks to the extraordinary Alex Kurtzman, Jenny Lumet, John Hlavin and Sarah Timberman who did a great job of turning the David Bowie film into such a resonant tale for our times.” They further continued saying, "And kudos to a wondrous cast led by Chiwetel Ejiofor, Naomie Harris, and Bill Nighy for bringing it to life. Alex and Jenny originally intended 'The Man Who Fell To Earth' to be a close-ended story. While we flirted with the idea of expanding it into a second season, we all ultimately decided to embrace it as a one-season story well told.”

However, when this news surfaced online, it is the least to say that the fans could barely be 'okay' with this. A fan said, "Just finished #ManWhoFellToEarth Sooo good! I would love to see more Black sci fi like this. Chiwitel Ejiofor, Clark Peters, Kate Mulgrew & Naomie Harris were excellent!" while another fan added, "The #ManWhoFellToEarth is such a beautiful BEAUTIFUL work of art. It's a good demonstration of a story told from 2 protagonists or a real intense close subplot. I'd argue for the former. I'm loving the deep mixture of scifi, drama, & emotion. The ribbon of black culture is ever.."

A fan wrote, "#manwhofelltoearth really done messed me up because now I need another show to really peak my interest," while another added, "Took me a few weeks to finally finish it up but, #ManWhoFellToEarth was some good a** Sci Fi. I'm thinking that must've been a follow up to the David Bowie film that I never watched. Real good ish tho; If Cold Fusion was/is possible we fasho not hearing about it ever."






Lastly, a fan tweeted, "Sorry to hear that. Top-tier cast! Makes my skin crawl to say this, but Man Who Fell to Earth marks the first time I've ever liked anything with Kurtzman's name on it. Hope @Showtime etc. will reconsider."

It is safe to say fans are coping with Showtime's decision in their own way. In case, you have not watched the series yet, it has 10 episodes, and interestingly these episodes are named after a David Bowie song. The series stars Chiwetel Ejiofor as an alien who arrives on planet Earth and Bill Nighy, playing the role originally played by Bowie in the 1976 film. It debuted on Showtime on April 24, 2022 and can watch it on the streaming app. 

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