Shocked fans say farewell to Day6 Jae as JYPE crops him out of group pics after exit

Shocked fans say farewell to Day6 Jae as JYPE crops him out of group pics after exit
Fans left shocked as JYPE edits Jae out of Day6's Artist profile on Spotify, Jae posts his response (@day6kilogram, @eajpark/Instagram, Day6/Spotify)

Jae, the former vocalist and lead guitarist of JYP Entertainment rock band Day6, announced his official hiatus from the band on December 31, 2021 only for the label to announce the official termination of his contract with JYPE. Jae Park, also known by his pseudonym eaJ, has been involved in many controversies over the last few weeks as the former idol is now adjusting to a life outside of K-pop and the 29-year-old singer and composer has now officially been edited out of the official handle of Day6.

After debuting as a five-member rock band in the year 2015, Day6 rose to fame. However, fans of Jae noticed how he has had clashes with people online as his thoughts often come off as brazen even when made light-heartedly. Jae addressed his removal from Day6 photos via a tweet on his personal Twitter account.


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Jae officially bids Day6 farewell

In his tweet directed to fans after JYP Entertainment cropped the former member out of cover photos on the official Spotify handle of Day6, Jae expressed his sadness, dedicating the last seven years of his life to the rock band. In his tweet, Jae said, “It was difficult, but I think there were more happy moments. Thank you! Bye!” Fans believe this was the singer's final farewell to the group as he posted a photo of himself alone by the sea.


His sudden announcement of his exit from Day6 and JYPE’s hastened statement proved that the exit was not amicable. Jae himself did not do much to soften the blow on fans who had been supporting him for years. Fans were shocked to see him being called out by fans of his friend Jamie Park after he called her a ‘th*t’ on Twitch. Jae has apologized for his words but fans are still to know the status of Jae and Jamie’s friendship since the incident.


“He really did well”

Fans were overwhelmed by the way Jae’s exit from Day6 was handled by the label after he constantly called them out about their mistreatment of his potential as well as that of the rest of the members. One fan talked about his exit by sharing a clip of Jae being emotional during a live stream talking about how he dedicated his entire career to Day6 saying, “He really did well…” Another fan said, “Till we meet again, Jae of Day6.”

One hopeful fan said, “Noo, he will be fine im so sure. he'll back as day6's jae, mark my words. let's manifest good things only.” One more fan said, “I wish nothing but all the best for you and your new journey.. love u Jae.” One fan said, “Jae is officially out o day6 huh,like appart from what has happened,it still saddens me cause he was the main reason why I got into day6 in the first place, he has been doing/saying wrong things but I want to believe he will hold himself accountable and become a better person.”

One fan said, “Thanks for everything you’ve done for us and day6 I’m forever grateful for your existence jae I really hope you find your own happiness and We can meet someday with a better version of myself and a better version of park jaehyung. ‘Till we meet again our little chicken.” Another fan said, "Day6 really went from 6 to 4. I know Jae said he’ll be back with Day6 eventually, but it still hurts seeing their group images edited to remove him."








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