SHINee’s Taemin gifts Shawols hand-shaped jewelry holder despite being in military

SHINee’s Taemin gifts Shawols hand-shaped jewelry holder despite being in military
Taemin surprises fans with a gift while in the military (@lm_____ltm/Instagram)

Shawols have been patiently waiting for the bittersweet military era to end now that three of the SHINee members have completed their mandatory enlistment. Taemin, the youngest, enlisted this year after back-to-back comebacks with his group, as well as a soloist. And like his labelmate and SuperM member Baekhyun, he is a gift that just keeps on giving while he is still in the military.

Baekhyun has consistently been releasing pre-recorded collaborations, OSTs and concert performances while serving in the military. Taemin is doing the same. After his solo comeback with his third Korean EP ‘Advice’, the K-pop star enlisted in the military a week later on May 31. But before that, he made a hand-shaped jewelry holder for fans that was revealed on September 7.


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Taemin creates hand-shaped holder for fans

SM also dropped footage of how the mold of Taemin’s hand was made and the process behind the making of the merch titled ‘Taemin Object Set’. Anyone who has seen Taemin perform knows that he’s an expert at hand modeling and incorporating graceful hand movements into his choreography. So, of course, he picked elegant hand postures that would become the mold for the jewelry holder.

Taemin finalizes the mold (SHINee/YouTube)

It was also revealed that it was Taemin who suggested the idea for the hand-shaped holders and to personalize it by using his hand as the mold. He wanted it to be classy and recommended that it could be white and emerging from an antique plate or coaster. Fans suspected that it was during the time he was busy preparing for SHINee’s ‘Atlantis’, as well as the solo album ‘Advice’. They were touched that he went to such great lengths for his fans despite being busy and getting ready to enlist.


Fans also noticed the happy coincidence of SM announcing the ‘Taemin Object Set’ on the same date as the first anniversary of his third Korean studio album ‘Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 1’, with the first part being released on September 7. The lead single ‘Criminal’ had the most glamorous music video with killing points in the choreography that again involved beautiful hand postures. The iconic music video currently has 31M Youtube views and 1.1M likes.

Watch the music video for ‘Criminal’ below.



Shawols celebrated ‘Never Gonna Dance Again’s’ anniversary with tweets like, “Happy one year anniversary to one of lee taemin’s masterpieces,” and “Happy 1 year to the most intense moment kpop has ever witnessed, no one is topping this.” They were also pleasantly surprised that the hand-shaped holder was his idea, “So that hand looking thing is a hand object set where you can put your accessories and the sculpture is of taemin's hand shape itself ㅋㅋ he so cute his ideas are so unexpected,” and “Lee taemin isn’t only a artist, he’s also a certified hand model.”





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