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Jen Shah claims she attempted suicide, but 'RHOSLC' trolls leave sympathy at the door

'Jen is now at the point of fake suicide attempts? Jesus Christ lock her up already lol #rhoslc,' wrote a fan
UPDATED DEC 15, 2022
'RHOSLC' star Jen Shah (Bravo)
'RHOSLC' star Jen Shah (Bravo)

WarningThis article includes comments about suicide and depression that could be traumatic for some readers. Discretion is advised.

If you or someone you know is considering suicide, please contact the National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH: The recently aired episode of 'Real Housewives of Salt Lake City' was jam-packed with drama. From the usual bickering amongst the housewives, to finally addressing Heather Gay's mysterious black eye, the Bravo show managed to evoke a myriad of emotions among fans, including seething rage at Jen Shah. 

After bearing the brunt of Jen's rage-fueled outburst, Lisa Barlow and Heather decided to team up and have a word with her. The two housewives tried pointing out to Jen how they didn't like being her punching bag and urged her to take some accountability for her bad behavior. But when Jen realized that her friends were calling her out, instead of apologizing to them, she decided to shock them by revealing that she attempted suicide over Shah Xposed account created by Angie Harrington's husband and that Coach Shah had to rush her to the hospital. 


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'RHOSLC' stars Lisa Barlow and Heather Gay (Bravo)
'RHOSLC' stars Lisa Barlow and Heather Gay (Bravo)

While Heather and Lisa immediately backed off from holding Jen accountable for her poor behavior and showed great empathy to her suffering, 'RHOSLC' fans however didn't share the same feelings. Many fans felt that Jen was "weaponizing suicide" and trying to manipulate and guilt trip her friends to shrug off taking any responsibility for her actions.

A fan tweeted, "Jen Shah needs help. She’s so self centered and I’m pretty sure the suicide story is more of her attention grabbing BULLSH!t. That ain’t gonna play in the pen. #yousomeonesbitchinjail #RHOSLC." "Suicide is not a joke. Very scary very serious as we all know from todays heartbreaking news But It is difficult to take Jen’s threats seriously. They feel like an attempt to shut down the conversation, control the narrative & manipulate her friends. #RHOSLC," wrote a fan. "Jen is such a narcissist, lol. I want to see this hospital record. Also, how does a finsta account that wasn’t bashing you drive you to attempt suicide? #RHOSLC," wondered a fan. "Hey Jen Shah, I wonder how many of your victims you scammed out of millions using embarrassing and shaming tactics tried to commit suicide after you left them with nothing? You’re trying to spin a narrative to make people feel sorry for you #RHOSLC," declared a fan.





Jen Shah revealed that she attempted suicide on the recently aired episode of 'RHOSLC' (Bravo)
Jen Shah revealed that she attempted suicide on the recently aired episode of 'RHOSLC' (Bravo)

Another fan pointed out, "If there’s one thing we know about Jen Shah, it’s that she’s a big fat liar. She would no doubt fabricate a suicide attempt to get the heat off of her. #RHOSLC." "Jen is using the suicide card to blame it on the girls #RHOSLC," observed a fan. "Weaponizing suicide of course I don’t feel bad for Jen one bit #RHOSLC," seconded a fan. "Jen is now at the point of fake suicide attempts? Jesus Christ lock her up already lol #rhoslc," expressed a fan.





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