Camila Cabello wows in sexy bikini as she makes out with Shawn Mendes in Miami

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello were recently spotted kissing each other on Miami Beach as the celebrity couple enjoyed playing in the ocean waves

                            Camila Cabello wows in sexy bikini as she makes out with Shawn Mendes in Miami
Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

Guys, it happened again! Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello just full-on broke the internet. A few years back, they started as good friends, however, right now they are the most talked-about celebrity couple, thanks to social media. 

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello formally took their friendship to a different level in the year 2019 when they affirmed they were dating and fast forward to 2021 the relationship is still going strong. Recently, they were seen kissing each other on Miami Beach



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If there's any celebrity couple that knows how to make fans root for them with an appealing post, it's Shawn and Camila. Cabello was dressed in a tiny light-blue bikini while Mendes kept it casual too in black trunks. The celebrity couple were seen enjoying the Florida weather and soon went towards the beach to play in the ocean waves and shared a couple of smooches with each other. 

Cabello had her hand on the nape of Shawn’s neck while he bent over slightly to compensate for their height difference. Camila had a bright bracelet on each wrist and wore an edgy black manicure, apparently relics of the very recent Halloween holiday. Shawn showcased his strong figure and his numerous tattoos.

At one point, it seemed that Shawn was trying to persuade Camila to go deeper into the waters. Perhaps not wanting to get her hair wet, Cabello opted to stay onshore, wanting to cool off. Mendes went into the ocean alone and dunked his head underwater. He immediately slicked back his damp tresses to get them out of his face. 

Shawn threw on a black button-up shirt that he left unbuttoned and a pair of Brown tinted shades while Camilla pulled their beach bag over one shoulder. The couple seemed to be enjoying their time together at the beach.

Camila Cabello (Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images)

Like everything else in the world, the Internet had an opinion about Shawn Mendes' makeout session with Camila Cabello as well — wondering if all the 'love' was faked for good publicity. One person tweeted, “And the nominees for best adapted screenplay are…” Following their hit single, 'Senorita', Shawn and his girlfriend Camila have been dogged by several controversies. Since the beginning of their relationship, there have been rumors that their affair was 'faked' to get fans to feel invested in their collab projects.

Miami Beach seems to be a favourite spot for both of them as the “Señorita” couple were snapped spending their romantic time there in the past as well. The two lovebirds were seen kissing each other on Miami Beach back in the year 2019 as well. After the kiss in Miami, one person tweeted, “looks like she's in pain.”
Shawn and Camila have heard such criticism before and they went live on social media to set the record straight. It seems comments about their kissing style really got to them. In that live video, they started licking each other's faces — yup, a solid 10 seconds of Shawn and Camila just licking each other. Sean quoted, we just want to show you how we really kiss. Well, that's one way to get back at the haters.

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