'Shameless' Season 9 episode 13: With redemption and money finally coming her way, where does Fiona go from here?

Considering how far Fiona had fallen, the decision to get her life back on track, starting with going to AA meetings, is a steady uphill climb, add to that the newly acquired money

                            'Shameless' Season 9 episode 13: With redemption and money finally coming her way, where does Fiona go from here?

This article contains spoilers for 'Shameless' season 9 episode 13: 'Lost.'

Ahead of the premiere of this ongoing season 9 of 'Shameless,' when Emmy Rossum announced her exit from the show in September 2018, after almost a decade of playing the Gallagher family matriarch of sorts, we made a rough sketch of all the possible plots that could unfold, in terms of her character, Fiona Gallagher's exit.

Now, with just the big finale remaining in the season, it's finally time to round some of the possibilities up as to what's next for the character, who has made us laugh, cry, relate, and most importantly, fall in love with her time after time, over the last few years.

The 13th and second last episode of season 9, titled 'Lost,' showed Fiona finally giving in to her younger brother, Lip's (Jeremy Allen White), pleas and going for an AA meeting. Ever since the mid-season premiere aired back in January, Fiona has been financially broke, injured, and heartbroken, sending her on a downward spiral of binge drinking and getting fired from her job at Patsie's.

Ganging up with homeless people and stooping to the disgraceful levels of her deadbeat father, Frank (William H. Macy), this season's Fiona, for the most part, has been something unimaginable for the character we once knew. And considering how far she has fallen, this decision to get her life back on track, starting with going to the meetings, is a steady uphill climb.

But as redemption came her way in the form of enlightenment, and the nerve to set the wrongs right, the other unexpected surprise she got came from financial gain. Max was her partner in the poor commercial investment she had made, which cost her all of her life's savings. However, the last time we saw him, he had also urged Fiona to invest in a retirement home, and luckily that came through.

Meaning Fiona is back to not being broke, finally. With the new prospects of her bank balance, and also her active steps towards bettering her life (regular AA meetings and a minimum wage overnight job at a gas station) comes the possibility of her being able to afford a better life, which in turn could be her way out.

For starters, it could be a literal way out. With her newly acquired money, Fiona can once and for all leave the southside of Chicago, which has taken away so many potentially joyous years of her life. Her childhood was a rough one, with absentee parents requiring her to take care of her siblings since the age of six. Growing up too, she was always the mother her siblings never had and then began the troubles of adulthood, as they happen.

From multiple jobs a day to multiple men disappointing her through the way, it's a miracle Fiona did not have her breakdown earlier on the show. The poor woman has been to prison and back, and watched her baby brother suffer a cocaine-overdose. And this broke-induced breakdown in season 9 was just the icing on the cake.


So, to say Fiona deserves a change of location, wouldn't be wrong. Maybe she could just move to New York - where all the magic supposedly happens - and explore her business manager ambitions or even try her luck in real estate once again. She is a bright, attractive, young woman with so much more to offer than she's given credit for recently. So yes, a move to a different city away from the southside Gallagher chaos could be a marvelous prospect.

However, it isn't the only one. Fans who have a full idea of the show from its beginning, or even up till its fifth or sixth season, are aware of one certain Jimmy/Steve (Justin Chatwin), and his impact on Fiona's life. For the longest time, he was Fiona's ride or die.

They were soulmates and destined to be together, there's no doubt in that. But all prospects of a happily-ever-after was sprinkled with Jimmy/Steve pulling disappearing acts, faking his identity, family, profession, and most importantly, asking Fiona to run away with him on whatever new dangerous project the mystery man was off to, when he knew she had liabilities and responsibilities back home.

Come to think of it, as viewers, we have probably romanticized the idea of Fiona running away with him more than the character has so far. True, we have supported Fiona every time she made the decision to stay back, and even hated Jimmy/Steve with a burning passion for all those times he broke her heart. But there's no denying the possibility of her finding a happily ever after with him, thus avoiding the much more horrible men she encountered after her tryst with Jimmy/Steve.

And there's also no denying the fact that maybe it's time for Fiona to fly. Her siblings are old and capable of going about their Gallagher ways and don't need her spoon-feeding them anymore; so maybe, with all this newly acquired money, she could finally hunt down Jimmy/Steve and go live with him.

The other possibility is a little closer to home, but not all that pleasant to discuss. Yet, it must be addressed. Acquiring all of this money also gives Fiona a fair shot at getting herself an expensive lawyer to sort out the incident in which she ganged up on a neighbor, which she did a couple of episodes ago. And while a better lawyer could likely set her free of the charges, the alternate sadly means there is a chance of her ending up in prison.

Of course, that is not something we want for her, but still, there's no point in denying that it could happen. Knowing the showrunners' affinity for sending characters to prison as a means of the actors leaving the show - like they did with Ian Gallagher when Cameron Monaghan had quit earlier - it's not that far-fetched an idea.

'Shameless' returns with its last and 14th episode of this season, 'Found,' Sunday March 10, at 9/8c, only on Showtime.

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