With Emmy Rossum quitting 'Shameless,' a list of possible ways the show will remove Fiona Gallagher

There's no 'Shameless' without Fiona Gallagher, and there's no Fiona without Emmy either. So what's it going to be? A happy marriage riding her off to sunset, or a tragic death?

                            With Emmy Rossum quitting 'Shameless,' a list of possible ways the show will remove Fiona Gallagher

It's that time of the year again when fans can shamelessly wait, and binge-watch the previous seasons of the ever so chaotic, messy, and of course, dysfunctional Gallaghers trying to one-up each other and anybody else that tries to screw with their family.

And if you can't take the hint already, or if you - for some godforsaken reason - happen to be one of those fans who are totally clueless about the ninth season of the crazy show premiering in less than 24 hours, well... We've got news for you. 'Shameless' returns with its highly anticipated ninth season on September 7; so obviously, for anybody who doesn't remember what murky road the Gallaghers had left us at, this is your chance to catch up on all the dram before more of it unfolds soon.

And while there's a lot to catch up on, this season will also be welcomed with the ad reminder of our beloved Fiona - aka Emmy Rossum - quitting the show.


Breaking the hearts of countless fans, Emmy had announced the news a little over a week ago. Even though it gave us some time to wrap our heads around the news, the reality keeps hitting back like a boomerang. But what will happen to Fiona?

It is almost like an unwritten rule of the show that there's no 'Shameless' without Fiona Gallagher, and there clearly is no Fiona Gallagher without Emmy Rossum. So will Fiona get written off? Or will someone else be roped in to fill the - granted, pretty massive shoes - left behind by Emmy?

After countless tears dedicated to the sad news, personally, I believe it is only fair to write the character off. Being a staunch believer in Emmy, who is clearly capable to pull off the character, I wouldn't particularly enjoy anybody else filling the role. But of course - I'm not in charge, and there hasn't been much news spilled on what the 'Shameless' bosses plan on doing with Fiona, or how exactly they are planning Emmy's removal from the show, so we'll just have to settle with five, wild guesses on how they could potentially go about it.

1. Fiona and Ford decided to explore life outside Chicago and ride off into the sunset.

So, Fiona Gallagher - who has been through countless men much like the number of storms she has braved - finally is all heart-eyes for a man. And even though she's trying to play it subtle, the fans' cannot be bluffed. We can tell that you're in for the deep, Fiona. And as happy as we are for you, it does bring the inevitable question to mind - is Ford (Richard Flood) really the best choice for her?

The show's executive producer, Nancy Pimental, told Entertainment Weekly that the confusing relationship of sorts between the two, "gave Fiona somebody who she had to fight for. She’s so used to having it kind of easy. And somebody who’s a little bit more mysterious, more grounded, a little bit more in their center, isn’t in their chaos, and doesn’t bring out her codependency." So maybe she will go full-fledged Juliet in the situation for what seems to be the prospective Romeo of her life. Maybe towards the end of season 9, Fiona finally does what she couldn't do for Jimmy/Steve before, and runs off with Ford never to return to the mess that has been her life in Chicago.



2. Fiona goes "full Gallagher" and expands her prospects in real estate to beyond just Chicago

Season 8 of 'Shameless' ended with showing Fiona having all of her apartment building issues under control and squatter free, and that makes one think if that is her one true calling. So it's quite possible that she follows the footsteps of her mentor cum real estate mogul Margo (Sharon Lawrence) and dabbles in handling apartment buildings beyond just her state. She has already shown incredible managerial potential, so why not?

In fact, she's capable of becoming a full-on lady boss. Moreso, the trailer for the upcoming season also shows her sister, Debbie (Emma Kenney) suggesting she go 'full Fiona' for her plans of acquiring commercial properties, so maybe she's one-up that and go full on Fiona Gallagher about actually expanding her horizons.

"I don’t think she’ll ever be as big as Margo. Margo is shrewder and scrappier. Fiona has had to really learn on her feet about business and she’s made so many mistakes," shares Pimental. "But I could see some other small opportunity presenting itself."

3. Fiona gets sentenced with life imprisonment for whatever 'full Fiona' activities she's about to engage in

She's no stranger to serving time. Remember the tragic incident where she accidentally caused her youngest baby brother to overdose on cocaine? Come to think of it, none of the Gallaghers are strangers to the life behind the bars. They have all been there - or gotten quite close to being there.

And with this potential 'full Fiona' plan that Debbie seemed to have sparked in Fiona's mind, maybe she takes things to such extreme attempts that she ends up doing something really bad and thus lands up in jail again? And knowing how the show's writers' mind works, things can never be just bad for the Gallaghers, because that's the norm.

Maybe Fiona's attempts at expanding her career options go so disastrous that she gets sentenced with life imprisonment and well - while that would be a lackadaisical excuse for writing off a character of such immense depth and potential, it still seems quite the possibility.


4. Fiona goes full cuckoo instead and ends up in a mental facility for good

It will be a classic case of 'Girl, Interrupted' and honestly - can you even blame her? Ever since the age of 6, this poor woman has been through things nobody would wish upon their worst enemies. From a deadbeat, good for nothing, classic a**hole, alcoholic father to an absent, selfish (and now dead) mother, who even in her living years only cared about herself and her drugs.

It's a goddamn miracle that Fiona Gallagher is still sane. But maybe Season 9, or the early bits of season 10 will show her going through a last straw of sorts. Be it Lip and Ian's lack of will to lead the right life, or Carl and Liam's engagements in all things that are a sure shot at ruining all things going well for them - the reasons behind why Fiona could go crazy for good are endless. So, maybe something snaps and she finally loses all of her remaining sanity and ends up in a mental hospital, locked up forever. 

5. Please forgive me for this - but... Fiona dies

It pretty much pains not just my heart, but every atom of my entire being to even contort this idea in my mind, let alone write about it. But we all know that one of the easiest, most common go-to process of writing a character off the show is to kill it. And while literally anything else would offer more solace to fans than knowing that Fiona is dead, this could be a major possibility.

From a tragic accident to taking her own life - nothing would be too extraordinary when it comes to how Fiona Gallagher dies because this woman has seen it all. But since Emmy does not plan on returning to the show post its ninth season, writing the character of Fiona off in some other state, never to return seems a little loose-ended.

Maybe the writers will deliver an ultimate judgment on her and just finish it off because there's no point of having a vague idea of Fiona floating around someone, but not on the show specifically, right? And as much as fans would like to think that she's alive and breathing and just there, somewhere, it's too much of a tease to keep the hope lingering on. So sadly, death could be the one that takes Fiona from us forever.

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