'Shaman King' Ending Explained: Who is Hao? Yoh faces his biggest rival

Netflix's 'Shaman King' season 1 ends with the reveal of the show's main antagonist, Hao

                            'Shaman King' Ending Explained: Who is Hao? Yoh faces his biggest rival
Yoh Asakura as seen in 'Shaman King' (Netflix)

The animated series 'Shaman King' ended season 1 on an exciting note, with protagonist Yoh Asakura determined to become the next Shaman King. In order to do so, he has to face off against other shamans in multiple rounds of magic-infused fights, in order to make it to the top.

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Through the series, Yoh Asakura, the main protagonist, is seen fighting with a range of other shamans in the hope of becoming the next 'Shaman King.' In order to do so, he begins to work his way to the top, fighting a series of battles. During this time, Yoh faces off against Ren, the 43rd head of the Tao Family, an ancient Chinese family, his sister Jun, Ryunosuke, a gang member turned shaman and Horohoro, who is a part of the Ainu tribe. 

His last match is with an angered Ren, who wants nothing more than to defeat Yoh. But he soon realises that his endless desire for destruction is no match for Yoh's abilities that come from his strong, unwavering will. Although Ren believes he has lost, Yoh admits he had run out of mana or magical energy long before. At this point, it seem like there was no real outcome to the match.

However, Silva, a shaman who was monitoring their match to decide who would go to the next round, calls it a tie, allowing them both to pass forward. Time passes before the next round of the shaman matches can begin. Yoh finds out that his own family has taken Ren hostage. Yoh with Ryu and Horohoro form a ragtag bunch that goes to save him, battling his father and ultimately releasing him, resulting in them forming a group of their own.

The 4 of them are now all set to fly to the USA where the final shaman matches are being held. However, before they do so, they encounter a fellow shaman, who calls himself Hao. Hao attacks Horohoro and threatens the group while telling Yoh that he is very special to him. Later, on a flight to the USA, it is announced that the matches have already begun, with the plane disintegrating into nothing, resulting in all the shamans onboard stranded in the middle of nowhere.


They must find Patch Village to compete for the next round. While in the middle of nowhere, Ren, Ryu, Horhoro and Yoh encounter a woman name Lilirara who explains to them the dark history of a shaman named Patch. During a flashback, it is revealed to Yoh that Patch is actually Hao Asakura, who has probably been reincarnated, seeing that they have the same guardian spirit. Lilirara acknowledges the group's resolve and decides to help them find the Patch tribe.

However, as they set off on their way, Hao Asakura appears and impales Lilirara seeing that she now knows his secret. Hao Asakura is determined to become Shaman King and, more importantly, has his eyes on Yoh. The reason for this is that Hao Asakura is Yoh's twin and descendant. However, Yoh has yet to find out about this. He does, however, acknowledge that they are remarkably similar. With season 1 ending on a massive cliffhanger such as this, season 2 sets up for a range of possibilities. While fans will see Yoh take on more opponents, he's also likely to face off against Hao as well. Will Yoh be able to level up? Looks like fans will have to wait till season 2 to find out!

Catch 'Shaman King' on Netflix on August 9, 2021.


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