'DOTA: Dragon Blood' Season 1 Ending Explained: Is Selemene dead? Invoker's final words hint at Season 2

The first season of 'DOTA: Dragon Blood' came to an end with Invoker believing that he had planned the perfect revenge against the Moon goddess

                            'DOTA: Dragon Blood' Season 1 Ending Explained: Is Selemene dead? Invoker's final words hint at Season 2
Selemene in 'DOTA: Dragon Blood' (Netflix)

'DOTA: Dragon Blood' Season 1 ended on a brilliant note as Invoker looked down on Selemene who had been brought to her knees after her fight with Terrorblade. Terrorblade is the same dragon that Davion, the Dragon Knight had promised to look into when he was stranded in the conscience of Slyrak the Ember Eldwurm. Turns out, the one who had always been in touch with Terrorblade was none other than the Invoker. He had negotiated a deal with the dragon, "seven souls for one" and the one in question is Selemene. 

From the very beginning, 'DOTA: Dragon Blood' is a tale of revenge where a grieving father decides to seek vengeance. The Radiant loses his daughter Philomena, who refuses to be devoted to Selemene her mother. The little girl tells Selemene that she is her mother, not her goddess, and that is what resulted in Selemene abandoning the Radiant and her daughter. This resulted in Philomena's death and the Radiant turning into a Dire. He is the Invoker who is introduced to Princess Mirana, as the Sage.


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Invoker tries to convince Mirana of her Goddess's flaws but Mirana is devout. Unlike Fymryn, who is of Elf's blood and was convinced by the Invoker to doubt her Goddess after the Dark Moon's rule ended up taking the lives of her family, Mirana has no doubts about her faith in the Moon Goddess and that is the reason why she stands with Selemene's army until the very end. She puts her differences with Luna aside to think of what is really best for their people and so, in the end, she is left to make a hard choice. To lead the army as their Princess in the absence of her Goddess or explore what really happened that night.

Invoker aka the Sage in 'DOTA: Dragon Blood' (Netflix)

Her plan at the moment doesn't involve Davion. Davion, a Dragon Knight that Mirana had met by chance. He ends up inviting a dragon to live within him when he enters a cave unexpectedly. That is when Slyrak enters him and ends up residing in him. The only one to trust that he is different from the dragon that destroys everything in its wake is Mirana. That is how they get into a flirtatious relationship. In fact, before Terrorblade wreaks havoc and the Oblivion is cast by Selemene, the two of them bid goodbye.

Aside from his relationship with Mirana, Davion is in process of finding a way to get Slyrak to leave him while understanding how humans may have manipulated history like in the case of Terrorblade. So he ends up working with Mirana, befriends Fymryn in the hopes of finding more information. Invoker does provide him with insight and unlike Kaden, a fellow dragon Knight who was dead set on erasing Slyrak from within him, Invoker gives him other options.

A still of Davion, the Dragon Knight in 'DOTA: Dragon Blood' (Netflix)

Before he could explore that, however, and before he could return to Invoker to find out what he had in store for him, he gets taken away by his brotherhood. 

So in the end, we are left with a lot of questions as the lives of the main characters are all hanging midway. Mirana with her army, Luna who is hurt and unable to help her people and Fymryn is left to deal with the aftermath of the war between Terrorblade and Selemene. She was asked by the Invoker to bring Davion back but before she could, he is taken away. And then finally, there is the Invoker's final words to Selemene "Do you love me?" This is really what hints at a possibility of Season 2 because at this point, Selemene hasn't died yet.

Her fate needs to be decided by Invoker, and what he does with Terrorblade is something that we want to watch unravel as well. 

All episodes of 'DOTA: Dragon Blood' can be streamed on Netflix.

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