Who is Yoh Asakura? All about Netflix's 'Shaman King' protagonist

Who is Yoh Asakura? All about Netflix's 'Shaman King' protagonist
Yoh Asakura and Amidamaru as seen in 'Shaman King' (Netflix)

If you've been looking for anime to binge-watch, then get ready for 'Shaman King' on Netflix. The anime follows protagonist Yoh Asakura, who is on the quest to become the next Shaman King. Along with his friend Manta Oyamada, Yoh has to go through a series of battles to make it to the top. 

The immensely popular manga and anime series is now getting a new adaption in 2021. Falling under the category of 'shounen anime', the series is sure to pack a whole lot of action and epic battles that will leave you begging for more. If you're looking for more anime recommendations that are similar to 'Shaman King', you should consider checking out 'Yasuke', 'Castlevania', 'DOTA: Dragon Blood' and 'Record of Ragnorok'


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Who is Yoh Asakura?

The main protagonist of the series, Yoh Asakura is seen as a lazy, laid back teenager at the start of the series. However, despite how he comes across, he wants to be the 'Shaman King' to lead a peaceful life.

At the start of the series, he befriends a student, Manta Oyamada, by saving him from local bullies. It's here that he reveals that he is actually a shaman and the two become best friends. However, despite being a teenager, Yoh has a greater purpose: to participate in the 'Shaman Fights' that take place every 500 years. These fights are a royal battle, where shamans go all out against each other, with the sole victor at the end being crowned the Shaman King.

As a shaman, Yoh fights using a range of shamanic spells, such as Ko-Oni Strike, which happens to be an Asakura family spell. Here he can summon small spirits from leaves; however, it's a technique he has not entirely mastered. He can also use 'Sankiraimon', a Buddhist exorcism chant that can affect any spirit that possesses knowledge of Buddhism. 


Who is Amidamaru?

While Yoh is rather young, one of the reasons behind Yoh's extreme power is due to Amidamaru, the Guardian ghost that aids him. When he was alive, Amidamaru was a  samurai during the Muromachi period. Having died 600 years ago, he is now a powerful spirit devoted to Yoh. An expert swordsman, he is known to have killed hundreds of other samurai soldiers during battle when he was alive. He is also the wielder of the Harusame. Later on in the series, Yoh himself can wield the sword, after he retrieves it. Amidamaru often assists Yoh during his fights and can enter Yoh's body. Apart from

Catch 'Shaman King' on Netflix on August 9, 2021. 

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