'Sex Education' Season 3 Ending Explained: Did Maeve go to US? Otis is happy AND sad

Season 3 ended with characters getting befitting ends with some stories getting new directions

                            'Sex Education' Season 3 Ending Explained: Did Maeve go to US? Otis is happy AND sad
A still from 'Sex Education' Season 3 (Netflix)

Season 3 of ‘Sex Education’ has finally made its way to Netflix and fans are thoroughly enjoying the new adventures of Moordale residents. The previous edition ended on a cliffhanger as Maeve (Emma Mackey) never got to know that Otis (Asa Butterfield) sent a voicemail telling her that he loves her.

The latest season sees Maeve finally getting to know the truth about the voicemail and the duo end up kissing each other. Meanwhile, Moordale Secondary School has a new headmistress in Hope (Jemima Kirke), who’s trying to fix things after last year’s Chlamydia outbreak. However, her rules are discriminatory. So, the students decided to take matters into their own hands and let Hope know that they are not going to take her bullshit.


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Elsewhere, Jean (Gillian Anderson) is about to give birth and is in hospital. Also, Eric (Ncuti Gatwa) is having problems in his relationship with Adam (Connor Swindells). But how did the show end for these people? Did they find happiness? Or did a tragedy hit them hard? Let’s know how Season 3 ended for all the characters.

Asa Butterfield as Otis and Emma Mackey as Maeve in 'Sex Education' Season 3 (Netflix)

'Sex Education' Season 3 Ending Explained

Maeve and Otis

Maeve and Otis kissed each other after Otis said that nothing’s the same when she’s not around. In the final episode, Maeve gets to know that she has been accepted for a scholarship in the USA, but the university doesn’t have the money to send her. But suddenly, her mother turns up outside the school and gives her money to go to America. In an emotional scene, Maeve’s mother tells her to go to America and live her dream.

In the final moments of the episode, we see Otis and Maeve meeting. Maeve tells Otis about leaving for America. He is happy yet disheartened to know this. Otis is happy because Maeve is getting what she deserved but is disheartened because she is leaving him. Otis asks her if this is a “goodbye.” To which, she replied, “No, see you soon.” This means that they are in a relationship and Maeve doesn’t want to end it. So, they will be in a relationship and be together when Maeve returns.

A still from 'Sex Education' Season 3 (Netflix)

Jean gives birth to Joy

Jean is finally ready to have the baby and she has been admitted to the hospital. Jakob also comes to the hospital, but it all comes crashing down when Jean gets unconscious after the delivery. Jean lost a lot of blood after the delivery and doctors needed her to have surgery. Otis finally gets to know about her mother’s condition and reaches the hospital.

Jean is still in critical condition because of the loss of blood and doctors are performing the surgery. A few hours later, we see that the surgery is finally successful as Jakob and Otis meet the baby girl. On the other hand, Ola feels that her family is breaking. She feels that her dad will forget her because she reminds him of pain. Jakob tells her that she only reminds him of joy. Ola finally meets Jean’s baby and suggests the name Joy. Everyone agrees to that name.

But in the end, she gets to know the DNA of the baby and it turns out that there might be some mistake. Jakob might not be the father of Joy. It’s not confirmed, but her face said it all.

Gillian Anderson as Jean Milburn in 'Sex Education' Season 3 (Netflix)


Eric and Adam’s relationship comes to an end

Eric went to Nigeria for his cousin’s wedding. But his mother told him to not wear makeup and certain kinds of clothes because he can’t tell he is gay in Nigeria. However, he meets a photographer at the wedding, who also turns out to be gay, and takes Eric to a club that is only for Gay people. Eric dances and enjoys with his new friend. However, Eric goes overboard and kisses him. He feels awful about it and when he returns to Moordale, he doesn’t feel the same. In the final episode, the duo is not talking to each other and Eric says that let’s talk. They walk back to their homes while talking and Eric says that he kissed someone in Nigeria and it didn’t feel wrong. Adam asks him if he would take back what he did in Nigeria? Eric says no.

The duo finally breaks up as they move in different directions.

Connor Swindells as Adam and Ncuti Gatwa as Eric in 'Sex Education' Season 3 (Netflix)


Lily and Ola

Lily and Ola had a bit of an argument when Ola revealed that she would want to have a normal relationship and not just a relationship filled with stories about aliens and all. Lily doesn’t like that and after the humiliation on an open day at school, she just pushed Ola away. In the final episode, we saw Otis going to meet Lily and telling how Ola feels about her and they should talk.

In the end, they resolve everything and finally talk as they go to see an event. The duo kisses each other and watches the shooting stars. 

Tanya Reynolds as Lily and Patricia Ellison as Ola in 'Sex Education' Season 3 (Netflix)


Moordale School

Now, this is the biggest revelation of it all. So, Moordale Secondary School is now being sold to developers because the school was not able to get funding. So, the idea of forcing Hope out of the school backfired in a way and now they have only some months to decide where they want to continue their studies now.

With everything that happened in the final episode, it seems there will be a Season 4 in the future. It will be interesting to see how the makers maintain the quality because Season 3 was the epitome of good storytelling and information.

We can’t wait for Season 4 to arrive.

'Sex Education' Season 3 is currently streaming on Netflix. 

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