Sex Education season 2: Release date, plot, cast, news and everything else you need to know about Netflix show

Sex Education season 2: Release date, plot, cast, news and everything else you need to know about Netflix show

Netflix shows have given us some of the most nuanced outlooks on teenage life, and last year's 'Sex Education' was one of the biggest examples of this. From sexuality and bullying to gender fluidity, the British gem addressed many issues with a customized mixture of lightheartedness and dramatization unique to teenagers.

As soon as the show premiered it became the topic of many discussions online, with many demanding to see more of the two couples on the show - Otis and Ola (with a side of Meave), and Eric and Adam. While we definitely want to see more of them, the plot as a whole has us invested in the show and the fleshed out characters keep us invested in the storylines - which is why the announcement of season 2 was met with an overwhelmingly positive response online. 

Release date

Netflix, on May 1, announced that the shooting for season 2 has begun. It was accompanied by a video of the cast coming together for a table read. However, an official release date has not been announced yet. 



'Sex Education' is the story of best friends Otis and Eric, both of whom are unpopular in high school. While one chooses to be more of a wallflower, the other finds his efforts of being flamboyant and loud getting thwarted by bullies and his family. As the series progresses, we get to meet the other people in their lives - the people that make their lives miserable and those who enrich it. Two significant characters who come into the mix are Meave, a smart and sharp girl, who has had to fight her battles alone all her life, and Adam, the son of the school principal who lets off steam by bullying Eric – on whom he also secretly has a crush.  


These four characters, along with a bunch of others, narrate a beautiful story of the high school experience that has viewers hooked.  

'Sex Education' focuses on gay and straight best friend duo Eric and Otis and their high school experience (Netflix) 


Asa Butterfield: Playing the protagonist Otis is Butterfield, best known for his role in the Nazi film 'The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.' His character is timid and smart, often breaking the stereotype of the straight white male trope, even going as far as dressing up as Hedwig from 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch' in full costume to celebrate his best friend's birthday. Despite working as a sex therapist for his peers, he is still a virgin and is uncomfortable about the idea of masturbation. 

Ncuti Gatwa: Otis' best friend Eric is played by Gatwa, who is new to mainstream acting. However, he has won us over in his very first performance as a teenager forced to suppress his personality. However, during the course of the season, he learns not only to accept and embrace who he is but also to stand up for himself with his bullies and his friends. 


Emma Mackey: French-British actress Mackey plays the social outcast of the school, who has unfairly earned the reputation of being sexually promiscuous. She lives alone and has to deal with her finances all by herself, while also doing well in school. She does side jobs like writing essays for other students and selling cigarettes to make ends meet. She also goes into business with Otis when he starts his underground sex therapy clinic in their school. 

Connor Swindells: The English actor and former model, portrays one the school bullies. But, unlike the bully tropes we have seen in other teenage movies, Adam is a fleshed out three-dimensional character, who is shown to becoming the person he is, owing to the pressure of being the principal's son. We also learn that he has been suppressing his sexual feelings towards Eric for a long time, and that possibly explains why he makes him his primary target. 


Otis and Meave start an underground sex therapy clinic together in their school (Sex Education)


Other notable characters in the series include Gillian Anderson as Otis' mother and prominent sex therapist Dr Jean F. Milburn, Kedar Williams-Stirling as school headboy and Meave's boyfriend Jackson Marchetti, Alistair Petrie as Adam's father and school principal Mr Groff, Aimee Lou Wood as Aimee Gibbs, one of the popular girls in the school who is also secretly Meave's best friend, and Patricia Allison as Ola Nyman, Otis' girlfriend. 


Newcomer Laurie Nunn is the creator and showrunner of 'Sex Education.' Having worked on various short films, she made her foray into mainstream entertainment with the Netflix show, and needless to say people are impressed. She has been announced as the writer of the upcoming drama film 'The Summer House,' which narrates the story of a dying playwright throwing one last party for his friends and family.



Where to watch: 

The show airs exclusively on Netflix, and the first season is available for viewing on the library. 

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