Netflix's 'Sex Education' is a hilarious fresh take on awkward pubescents, questionable parenting and fans are lapping it up

Starring Asa Butterfield and Gillian Anderson, 'Sex Education' is raunchy and preppy at the same time; breaking your heart and also making you laugh through the process

                            Netflix's 'Sex Education' is a hilarious fresh take on awkward pubescents, questionable parenting and fans are lapping it up

The very mention of sex-education brings back memories of that iconic scene in 'Mean Girls,' portraying the lack of actual education students receive on the subject in their curriculum. That is about to change now. Netflix has done its thing again. 'Sex Education' premiered January 11 and has changed a lot of things associated with the idea.

Sex education, or the lack thereof, just got a whole lot interesting, thanks to our blue-eyed "Boy In The Striped Pajamas" - Asa Butterfield - and, of course, who could forget the comedic genius that is Gillian Anderson.

"A teenage virgin who lives with his sex therapist mother teams up with a smart and edgy high school classmate to start their own health clinic," reveals the plot summary and it's enough to get the wheels turning because this is something that has never been done before. Superficially, 'Sex Education' might seem like a more contemporary version of the UK drama 'Skins,' but at its core, the show combines the raunchy element of 'Skins' (UK), with the preppy humor of 'Mean Girls.' 

There are high school cliques, students struggling to accept their identities, hidden agendas, intrusive parents, and, of course, the larger than life soaring ambition that resonates with high school students. The fun thing about 'Sex Education' is how multifaceted it is when it comes to stereotypical high school shows. It has the edgy rawness of Netflix's 2017 brainchild, 'End of The F**king World,' and at the same time doesn't fail to amuse us with the innocence of the 2018 Netflix comedy, 'The Kissing Booth.'

To say 'Sex Education' is a fresh take on the dull and drab concept of what it is in reality would be an understatement because it is also a fresh take on how Netflix is handling projects targeted at and based on impressionable young people. And that is seen in fans' reactions, as social media has, pretty much, blown up with the phenomenon that has arrived in the form of the Butterfield, Anderson, Emma Mackey, Ncuti Gatwa, Connor Swindells, Kedar Williams-Stirling, and Alistair Petrie starring comedy.






The best part about 'Sex Education' has to be the lack of extreme radials when it comes to the portrayal of hormone-charged teens. Yes, they are looking to get laid, as bits of the narrative from the trailer reveals, but they aren't angtsy individuals breaking things and people just for the heck of it.

Of course, its very pro-feminist with the whole idea of sex therapy in the school being the brainchild of one of the female characters (Mackey), and at the same time, Anderson's character is a sex therapist, so there's no parental chiding from her end when her son (Butterfield) is faced with these issues. In it's own hilarious, crisp, and wholesome way, 'Sex Education' showcases the ideals of modern-day parenting and as bizarre as Otis' mother can get, there's no getting over her!

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