'Sex Education' Season 2 wishlist: Eric and Adam are great, but we really need to see more of Anwar

Not only is Anwar an interesting character on his own, a potential relationship with Eric in season 2 of 'Sex Education' would have many layers to uncover

                            'Sex Education' Season 2 wishlist: Eric and Adam are great, but we really need to see more of Anwar

‘Sex Education’ premiered on Netflix Friday, January 11, and most of us are still talking about it. With a mere 8 episodes, the British comedy-drama managed to reel in thousands of fans worldwide who are all hoping for another season, which at this point is a safe bet. Well-rounded characters defying stereotypes, diversity not cheapened by tokenism, and teenage love stories untainted by the expectations set by Hollywood, are some of the things ‘Sex Education’ has going for itself.

With three gay characters who are all so different from each other, this British Netflix show provides for an authentic and holistic representation for the LGBT+ community. While Eric (Ncuti Gatwa) is optimistic, needy and looking forward to embracing the high school experience, Adam (Connor Swindells) is the closeted bully, who is in love with Eric.

The son of the school principal, Adam, is a three-dimensional character, who is constantly pressurized to fit into a mold he does not fit into. The entire season saw Adam bullying only Eric, which seems to be a caveman-ish way of channeling his affections. However, after he hooked up with the make-up loving, out and proud Eric, he seemed capable of expressing his emotions in a more healthy way.

Anwar (Chaneil Kula), meanwhile, is the queen bee of the popular clique at Moordale that goes by name The Untouchables. A bully in his own right, Anwar uses his sharp wit and innate meanness instead of physicality to attack Eric and the other less fabulous souls.

However, he has shown instances of tenderness towards Eric, at one point even telling Adam homophobia is so outdated, when the latter was bullying Eric. Then there was that real low point for Eric where he bashed Anwar after he taunted him as usual, and although the incident got him suspended, Anwar was quick to forgive him.

In fact, the bashing incident revealed nearly as much about Anwar as it did about Eric, who hit his rock bottom and decided to live life to his fullest without fearing others. Despite being one of the only two out and proud gay students at Moordale, having an all-female posse, and passing out sassy judgments on all fellow Moordalers, it came as much of a surprise to viewers as it was for Eric to learn his mother did not know he was gay.

Clearly one of the richest students in the school, and coming from a seemingly accepting and open-minded Indian family, Anwar’s choice to keep his sexuality a secret from his mother piques our interest. We have only seen a few glimpses of his personality, except for the couple of times he seemed genuinely concerned about Eric. Every other time, he just seems “over it” and annoyed by the fact he has to be surrounded by lesser beings.

While we are definitely looking forward to seeing a full-fledged Adam-Eric romance, there is a spark between Anwar and Eric that definitely needs a fighting chance come season 2. Not only is Anwar an interesting character on his own, the relationship would have many layers to uncover, starting with how being children of immigrant parents – from completely different cultures – would have an impact on who they are as a couple.