Stan Twitter SHOCKED after Seventeen hosted Japanese fanmeet 'Hanabi' for 60K fans

It was reported that Seventeen's recent 'Hanabi' fan meeting recorded more than 60K fans in the audience, showing the group's insane popularity in Japan

                            Stan Twitter SHOCKED after Seventeen hosted Japanese fanmeet 'Hanabi' for 60K fans
Around 60K fans attended Seventeen's Japanese fanmeet, shocking fans and non-fans alike (Twitter)

If there is one K-pop group that never fails to amaze fans, it is Seventeen. This time, it was not Seventeen's new music that shocked fans of K-pop but the fact that a special fan meeting that took place over two days last weekend, on May 7 and 8 recorded more than 60K fans in the audience. While fanmeets are usually intimate events with a limited number of fans in attendance, Seventeen's insane popularity is to blame for this amazing record from the 13-member boy group. 

The Pledis Entertainment and HYBE Labels boy group is soon going to make a comeback with their new full-length album in May titled 'Face The Sun' which is as promising as it can get but fans have been hyping the comeback up for other reasons too. It was reported that Seventeen would be releasing the album in five versions, there had been confusion about the number of photocard versions that will be included with the album and how fans would order a lot more albums in their quest to collect all of the photo cards. 


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Seventeen is soon going to make a comeback with 'Face The Sun' (@pledis17/Twitter)

Seventeen hold a very successful Japanese fan meet

While fans are still trying to figure the dynamics of the upcoming album out, Seventeen has been gearing up for the upcoming comeback. In a way to ease themselves out before their comeback with 'Face The Sun' that is set to release on May 27 this year, the boy group took a quick trip to Japan in order to meet fans for a special fan meeting titled 'Hanabi'. The label Pledis Entertainment reported that more than 60,000 carats were in attendance for the 2022 fanmeet, which was held at the Saitama Super Arena in Japan for two days from May 7 to 8.

Out of the two-day offline event, Seventeen's performance on May 8 was simultaneously broadcast online to global fans of the group who participated in the concert-like event live from their homes. The online event was reportedly watched by Carats from over 72 countries and regions around the world, while fans from Japan and nearby regions attended the in-person events bringing in a huge cart that is only seen during concerts for extremely popular artists. 



This goes on to show how Seventeen has been really getting a lot more popular in the last few years with 'Hanabi' being their first fan meeting in two years since the onset of the Covid pandemic. With a performance that included most of their Japanese songs, Seventeen told fans how glad they were to see them in person after a long period of being held hostage by the global pandemic.


'Seventeen you are crazy'

Fans were in for a thrill ride at the 'Hanabi' fan meet where Seventeen performed Japanese versions of their hit singles like 'Together', '24H', and 'Home;Run' as well as performances of their hits like 'Swirl', 'Left & Right', alongside their latest release 'Darl+ing' which was their first all-English single since debut. On the other hand, as fans posted the videos and photos of the concert, it drew a lot of attention from fans of K-pop who declared the boy group was "crazy" for successfully hosting 60K fans for a special meeting.

One fan said, "Seventeen plus 60,000 carats at hanabi fanmeeting today." Another fan said, "Seventeen in a venue of 60,000 carats at their first overseas fan meeting in 2 years." One fan said, "60k seats sold out ONLY for a fanmeeting again seventeen you are crazy." One shocked fan said, "This many people for a fanmeeting. SEVENTEEN CARAT ARE CRAZY!"

One fan asked, "Few acts are capable to put 60,000 tickets for a Fanmeeting… Like that is a crazy amount of money. Seventeen power in Japan is CRAZY." Another fan noted, "Seventeen’s crowd today soldout ONLY for a fanmeeting. BROOO thats not even the full shot."









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