'Attacca': Seventeen becomes 'triple threat' for Carats with their October album

With three versions of concept photos and more promos to drop soon, Seventeen is making sure they'll burn up October with their fiery album, 'Attacca'

                            'Attacca': Seventeen becomes 'triple threat' for Carats with their October album
Seventeen will make their comeback a second time in the year 2021 this October with their ninth mini-album, 'Attacca' (@pledis_17/Instagram)

After becoming the second best-selling group for the year 2020, the thirteen-member power group, Seventeen is continually proving that they are too hot to leave unsupervised on social media. They have just dropped the new concept photos for their album, 'Attacca,' and the members of the group are looking fiery as they set out to, to "attack" their fans with their visuals. 

Earlier in September 2021, Seventeen was announced as the winner of the Hallyu Culture Award for contributions to the K-pop industry — a really huge achievement for the boys. With their appearance on their own version of the JTBC and HYBE collaboration show, 'In The Soop', Seventeen was able to get closer to fans as the members went on a healing journey into the woods before the announcement of their grand comeback for the second half of 2021.

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Concept photos for 'Attacca'

The group has been posting constant updates about their upcoming album now that the comeback is around the corner. With their ninth mini-album, 'Attacca' slated to release on October 22, fans feel the group is one of the most well- curated groups ever. The thirteen members of Seventeen are divided into three sub-units, Hip-Hop, Vocal, and the Performance sub-units.

To kickstart their promotions for the comeback, Seventeen first posted an album teaser for 'Attacca.' Following that, the solo photos were released as the first set of images for this comeback. All thirteen members of the group were seen in casual outfits as they did homely tasks like shaving, sitting by the bed, working in the kitchen, among other things, as they posed for the camera.

The first set of concept photos for Seventeen's 'Attaca' saw the boys dressed in casuals with a dreamy undertone to it (@saythename_17/Instagram)

'Triple threat' Seventeen

Following these solo photos, the 13 members were seen in group photos. These groups were in accordance with the official sub-units of Seventeen. The Hip Hop team of Seventeen consisting of members Scoups (Leader of the group), Mingyu, Vernon, and Wonwoo, looking dangerous in biker gang red-themed outfits. The boys also had solo photos that showed each of their faces zoomed in. Upon closer inspection, it was visible that the boys were injured. Fans conjure that this concept will show the members as vulnerable. The next concept saw was one with that of the Vocal team of Seventeen consisting of members Woozi, Jeonghan, DK, Joshua, and Seungkwan, sitting by the beach looking soulful.

As all members posed with some of them having the waves appear in the background fans were thrown away by the soft somber atmosphere created by the members. Jeonghan wowed fans with his long blonde mane as he rocked a long hair for this upcoming comeback. The final set of images were from Seventeen's Performance Team consisting of The8, Jun, Dino, and Hoshi. Looking very charming and exuding their prowess, the performance team of Seventeen made it appear as if they were out attending a royal ball as they were dressed in suits and wore chic accessories. 

The three subunits of Seventeen all appear in three different styles as they pose for the first concept photo for 'Attacca' (@pledis_17/Twitter)

It's burning red

On October 11, the official social media accounts of Seventeen turned red hot and fiery as the first part of the third official concept photo for 'Attaca' was released. In the set of eight images, seven members of Seventeen namely, Mingyu, Dino, Jun, Woozi, Jeonghan, Wonwoo, and Seungkwan show off their fatal charm in solo black and white photos.

In contrast to these monochrome pictures, were the burning red group photos featuring the aforementioned seven members. In the group photo, the boys are seen in what appears to be a warehouse looking ominous thanks to the red lighting. But the dark mood of the picture took nothing away from the member's smouldering looks. They looked sharp in classy dark wear. 11 days ahead of the release of their album, Seventeen had recorded 1.41 million global pre-orders in just one day since the announcement of their ninth mini-album 'Attacca' making it a million-seller in an instant.


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