Seventeen 'Attacca': K-pop band to appear on 'MTV Fresh Out Live' to promote album

Seventeen is going to make a comeback with their new mini-album ‘Attacca’ on October 22

                            Seventeen 'Attacca': K-pop band to appear on 'MTV Fresh Out Live' to promote album
The K-pop group Seventeen will appear on 'MTV Fresh Out Live' on October 22 (@pledis_17/Twitter)

The thirteen-member K-pop group Seventeen are coming with their ninth mini-album ‘Attacca’, which is slated to release on October 22. The boys have been promoting their album well and garnering a lot of attention when they started dropping concept photos for their album ahead of its release. In order to draw attention to their album, the group has also released the official teaser for the album which features all the members of the group.

The teaser video has clips from the title song of the album, ‘Rock With You’. The teaser begins with Joshua and Vernon lighting a fire in the dark. The video is also gaining more attention from Carats (Seventeen’s fandom) because it features several emotional parts from the song making it more meaningful for fans.


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Seventeen promote 'Attacca'

Seventeen has also released a tracklist for the album. There will be six tracks on the album and one special song that will only release digitally. The new album 'Attacca' represents the term 'continue to play without interruption' where one movement continues from a previous movement symbolizing a domino effect. In order to promote their album, Seventeen will appear on MTV’s TV Show titled, ‘MTV Fresh Out of Live’ on October 22.

At the show, Seventeen will perform the album's title track, ‘Rock With You’, live for the first time as part of their comeback schedule to solidify their global position. The group has an immense global presence which has been seen throughout their previous albums. This time, in particular, Seventeen chose to promote their album first internationally as the global release of their album is scheduled for 12 am ET (1 pm KST) on October 22.


Seventeen's global dominance

2021 has marked a great year for Seventeen as it saw the group assume the title of 'K-pop performance leader' while making a powerful presence on various programs like 'The James Corden Show', 'The Kelly Clarkson Show', 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show', 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'. Now, with 'MTV Fresh Out Live!', Seventeen will mark the impact of K-pop, internationally.

With 'Attacca', Seventeen has also come out to be the third best-selling group after EXO and BTS, within a week of their album announcement. As of October 20, Seventeen has sold out more than 6,350,000 copies sold in South Korea and more than 7,513,000 copies in total including sales in Japan for their albums making them the fifth best-selling group in South Korean history and the sixth best-selling group overall including international sales from a K-pop group.