Who is Serena ChaCha? Lowest-scoring drag queen makes it to 'RPDR All Stars'

Serena ChaCha may have placed second last on 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Season 5, but now she's here to show the world how far she's come

                            Who is Serena ChaCha? Lowest-scoring drag queen makes it to 'RPDR All Stars'
Serena ChaCha (Instagram/ myron.morgan)

For Serena ChaCha, 'RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars' might prove to be her ultimate redemption yet. As one of the lowest scoring queens to return to the 'All Stars' stage, she has come a long way from her first run on the show, and this time around is determined to show the world just what she's made of. 

Season 13 saw queens Symone, Rose, Kandy Muse and Gottmik make it to the top. Now, with 'All Stars' Season 6 here, it's time to see what the past queens have in store for fans!


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Who is Serena ChaCha?

Serena ChaCha is the stage name of Myron Morgan, a drag performer and a TV personality. An art school graduate, Morgan has BFA from Florida State University in 2012 and specializes in surrealism, as reported by Nicki Swift. Morgan owns ChaCharina Hair, which sells wigs. The drag queen also appears on Spanish TV as a hair and makeup correspondent.



Appeared on Season 5 of 'Drag Race' at the age of 21

Having a few years of drag under your belt is advantageous when it comes to the show, but it's not a rule. 'RPDR' has seen some extremely young queens do phenomenally well, even if they had been doing drag for a short amount of time.

ChaCha was 21 years old when she joined the show, and at the time, she had only been doing drag for three years, seeing that she started in 2010 and Season 5 aired in 2013.

ChaCha couldn't seem to catch a break between the main stage and backstage, the judges and her castmates had only criticism to offer her. In a conversation with NewNowNext at the time, she opened up about her experience.

"That aspect of the show really speaks to more of the scandalous, controversial side of [the queens], and certain things that will arouse and certain people will get very argumentative."

She said, referring to the explosive arguments that took place prior to her elimination. However, she was not bitter about it.

"That's the beauty of it, you know? That's you seeing us as real people. We have strong opinions. We're vulnerable. That's not to say that the audience doesn't make it too personal, but the thing is, we talk it through. It's very raw." She added.



Bullied after the show

ChaCha's confident attitude came across as cocky at the time, and the internet can be unforgiving in many ways. Although she didn't expect the relentless bullying, she took it with a grain of salt.

"I would say overall it's been a blessing. I mean, are you kidding? I'm Serena ChaCha from RuPaul's Drag Race season five at the end of the day! The only sad thing is the audience and their negative bullying in social media," she explained.

"Being a fan of the show myself, it's strange to see the audience respond in such a negative way. As a fan of the show, I never even dared to make negative comments about anyone, you know? I'm the opposite. I might congratulate my favorite girl. I think that's the sad point of it," she added.

She said: "We're the founding queens of the drag revolution that's happening, you know? To have that judgment is really sad, and I think in a community where we're so against bullying, to me it's sad to see that people take the time to bully us in social media. That is the only concern I have." 



'RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars' Season 6 premieres on Paramount+ on June 24, 2021. 

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