'RuPaul's Drag Race': Is Kandy Muse the fifth judge on the show? Fans wonder after she consoles Elliott

Kandy thought Elliott didn't deserve to be in the bottom two but fans didn't take this very kindly

                            'RuPaul's Drag Race': Is Kandy Muse the fifth judge on the show? Fans wonder after she consoles Elliott
Elliott and Kandy Muse on 'RuPaul's Drag Race' (VH1)

Kandy Muse had a lot to say about Episode 7's bottom two — Elliott and LaLa Ri (she lost). Before the queens lip-synced for their lives, Kandy walked up to Elliott to let her know that she didn't deserve to be in the bottom two and that if it were up to her she would have never put her there. However, this was not before she had a chat about how she and Symone were praised and that judges didn't pick on them much. Utica was the third running the risk of an elimination lip-sync battle.


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Coming back to Elliott and Kandy's conversation, as soothing as it was for the former, some fans thought Kandy was assuming a role that she didn't come on the show for. It's one thing to console a demotivated, dejected castmate, it's totally different when trying to do a job that's not meant for you. And that was the general vibe of most of the tweets that were posted under Kandy's name.


"Since when did Kandy become a judge? Always talking talking talking about all the other Queens when no one asked #DragRace," a fan commented, while another shared: "Why is Kandy always giving her negative opinion?? Is she a judge too seem like every episode now. #DragRace."

"I am here for pep talk Kandy and not "I'm the fifth judge" Kandy. More positive vibes Kandy, please. #DragRace," a user posted. "Kandy be feeling her entire self when she’s safe, but be quiet as a church mouse when she’s not. Shut up already. You. Are. Not. A. Judge. #DragRace," another remarked. "Kandy always judging others performances but her owns. You ain’t a judge girl worry about your own performance  #DragRace @RuPaulsDragRace," a viewer wrote.







All said and done, Kandy was quite the star of the season and she was probably feeling all the emotions Elliott was going through because she was in the bottom two in Episode 6. And her pep talk came from a place of empathy and not just trying to someone in a position of authority. 

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