'RuPaul's Drag Race' Season 13: Who is Symone? Meet the 'Black goddess' who floored fans with her polaroid dress

Symone beat Tamisha Iman in the lip-sync battle and earned herself a spot in the show

                            'RuPaul's Drag Race' Season 13: Who is Symone? Meet the 'Black goddess' who floored fans with her polaroid dress
Symone (Instagram/the_symone)

'RuPaul's Drag Race' Season 13 left the queens and their fans in shock. RuPaul Charles introduced a twist like no other. Two queens were paired to lip-sync for life, which meant one would win and 'shantay!' (weave a bewitching spell) and the other would get the pork chop. What does getting the 'Pork Chop' mean? It's certainly not food. In 'RPDR' lingo, the phrase simply means elimination. However, in this case, the queens are not completely out of the race. Each of the axed queens is directed from the main stage to a holding area of sorts which is labeled: "Pork Chop loading."

In the premiere episode, there were a total of six lip-sync battles, which resulted in seven queens at the bottom. Now, they must discuss and choose one who will be the first to be axed from the show. Gladly, Symone is not one of them. 



Earlier called Delilah and Eryka, Symone made quite the entrance with her interesting dress, featuring a bunch of polaroids that helped her create a drag persona as a way of coping through high school and while growing up. Symone's 25-year-old and from Los Angeles (also the first queen from Arkansas, her birth city), who calls herself "an ebony enchantress, a black goddess." Although ambitious, the monikers did justice to her impressive lip-sync performance that had the judges in splits and helped her establish the fact that she was here to stay. 



The confidence could be natural or stemming from the fact that she is good friends with Season 12 finalist Gigi Goode, who even helped Symone create fancy wigs for the show.

Meanwhile, fans have weighed in with their two cents about how Symone left a lasting impression with her polaroid dress in Episode 1. "The Symone entrance look Gisele Bundchen for Esquire Magazine (2004) Both wearing dresses made of Polaroids of them #DragRace," a fan commented, while writer Evan Ross Katz tweeted: "We have a new supreme and her name is Symone." "Symone wearing her own nudes on her entrance dress? Immediate icon," comedian Gabe Gonzalez shared. "Calling it right now, Symone is gonna be top four. The girl has GOT IT. #DragRace," another posted. 









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